'RHONY' Star Luann de Lesseps Loses It on 'She Devil' Ramona Singer After Rehab Gaffe

Just days after returning from rehab, Luann de Lesseps was already finding her new inner peace tested by Real Housewives of New York City co-star Ramona Singer.

The two were already in a tough space after Singer reaching out to the former Countess' ex Tom D'Agostino almost exactly a year after the two wed, but in Wednesday's all-new episode of the Bravo show, the two clashed once again.

This time, the issue stemmed from Singer's decision to Instagram a photo of all the New York City Housewives at dinner before de Lesseps was ready to reveal she was back from her 21-day stint in rehab.

“The she-devil strikes again,” de Lesseps said. “I really feel like Ramona invaded my privacy by putting a picture out of me when nobody knew where I was. And now the whole world knows I’m out of rehab.”

“I have a court case coming up,” she added, in reference to her December arrest. “I don’t need more press! I don’t need pictures of me and the press making guesses at what I’m up to.”

PopCulture.com previously reported on the photo Singer posted in January, noting that the reality TV star had almost immediately deleted the snap from her grid.

The same day the photo made headlines, de Lesseps revealed on Twitter that she had returned from rehab, which was revealed was damage control from her situation with Singer.

“My return to New York is supposed to be on my terms,” she said in Wednesday's episode. “I just feel like I got the rug pulled out of me.”

She wasn't just about to let the issue lie, however many yoga classes she took.

“You put a picture up and now Luann is the talk of the town again,” the former Countess said. “It’s inevitable that I will be in the press again, I just don’t want my friends to drive it. You opened up a can of worms for me.”

“These are hurtful things. You’re hurting me,” she added. “You have to be more respectful and thoughtful about your friends.”

Singer maintained that it wasn't an issue to post the photo, saying, “You didn’t tell me not to post. … I’m sorry.”

But once the gravity of the charges de Lesseps was facing was explained to Singer, she felt bad about her social media gaffe.

“I’m disappointed in myself,” Singer said. “I wasn’t thinking. Now I understand. … I made a huge mistake. This was bad. What I did was bad.”

But despite the apology, de Lesseps still had a bone to pick with her over Singer's friendship with D'Agostino.

“There are so many guys on the Upper East Side. Really?” de Lesseps said in a confessional. “You have to go and have drinks with Tom? I knew Ramona wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed, but what an idiot.”

“It’s not cool,” she yelled at Singer. “If you’re my friend, it’s not cool. What you did, most people would never talk to you again. That is the lowest of the low. Do you realize that? What you did is the lowest of the low.”

Singer tried defending herself, saying D'Agostino showed up at an event where she was having a drink.

“Just because Luann divorced Tom doesn’t mean he’s going to disappear. He travels with the same circle as I do, he has the same friends as I do,” Singer told the cameras. “Listen, if I couldn’t talk with every man Luann ended up being with, I wouldn’t be talking to any men in New York City!”

But she couldn't explain that to de Lesseps, who soon stormed off. “You make it worse,” she said. “You don’t have my best interest at heart and I can’t be around that.”

After her initial defensiveness, Singer admitted that it's a tough time for her friend, and said that she needed to be more sensitive to that.

“She’s nervous. Nobody wants to go before the judge and find out what their sentencing is. I should have been more sensitive to that. I’ll take the bullet,” Singer said.

“I should have said, ‘I understand what you’re saying and I’m sorry,'” Singer added. “I have this problem. When people start attacking me — even though they’re right to attack me, I’m not saying they’re wrong — I get defensive and go, ‘Fine, goodbye.’ It’s very immature.”

After another apology, the ladies seemed like they had made up for good, at least for now. We're sure peace won't last for long.


The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Bravo