'RHONY': Eboni K. Williams Opens up About Luann de Lesseps Argument

Things took an uncomfortable turn between Eboni K. Wiliams and Luann de Lesseps on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. During the episode, Williams and de Lesseps argued over whether it was classy to discuss sex with the group. The conversation was prompted after Ramona Singer raised her concerns over Leah McSweeney's penchant for discussing topics of a sexual nature. Williams and de Lesseps did not see eye to eye on the matter. The longtime RHONY star even called Williams, the first Black cast member on RHONY, "angry" at one point during the discussion. In light of their heated conversation, Williams spoke to Insider about her thoughts on the situation.

In light of this matter, Williams announced that she would be taking a step back from social media as the episodes surrounding this situation aired on Bravo. But, she spoke out about the situation during an interview with Insider, during which she expressed how she felt about how it all went down. Williams noted that on Tuesday night's episode, which will air at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, de Lesseps asked her to apologize for her role in their argument. While de Lesseps was apologetic for how things went down, the newest RHONY cast member said that she didn't need to apologize. She explained that she was sticking up for her friend, McSweeney, and that de Lesseps was the one in the wrong. Williams particularly took de Lesseps to task for calling her "angry," an unfortunate and ignorant stereotype that is typically associated with Black women.

"Black people, and Black women in particular, are constantly asked to apologize for white folks uncomfortability," Williams explained. She continued, "What you saw on my face was a negotiation I was having within myself around the most productive way to respond to that request that would let her know how inappropriate the request was and also why it was an inappropriate expectation." The former Fox News anchor said that she would not "apologize for having a human experience."


Insider noted that de Lesseps claimed that Williams "jumped in" her face during their argument. However, the series showcased that the women were all sitting down during the discussion. Additionally, fellow cast member Sonja Morgan said that she didn't feel as though Williams was behaving in an "angry" way. Instead, Morgan said that her co-star was simply voicing her opinion just like the other Housewives. Williams said that she believed that de Lesseps was "recreating of history to serve a narrative that says Black women are angry and aggressive." The publication did reach out to de Lesseps for comment but did not hear back. Fans will be able to see the conclusion to Williams and de Lesseps' argument on Tuesday night's episode of RHONY.