'RHOD': Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken Face off Over Risque Video

Doesn't look like Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond are going to quash their feud anytime soon!

After feuding over accusations that Redmond was an "alcoholic" and that Locken was in a loveless engagement all season, the co-stars found a new point of contention over a nude video during their cast trip to Copenhagen, Denmark when the Housewives decided to let out their inner European, skinny dipping in the Baltic Sea.

"You just plunge in the ocean naked and come out and put your clothes back on," Cary Deuber explained. "It's not a big deal."

While Locken opted out of the nude swimming, Redmond decided to go for it, putting it all there in the spirit of the local customs, calling the experience "liberating" and "free."

That is until she saw that Locken was filming the experience on her phone, despite being told early on that the tradition was camera-free by design.

"Are you kidding me?" Redmond said in a confessional. "I am topless, b— what are you doing? Have some respect!"

The dip itself was a fun-filled moment for the Housewives, but Redmond wasn't ready to let the moment go so easily. During the bus ride back to the hotel, Redmond told her photographer friend that she needed to "collect" her phone, saying, "Why would you do that girl? I turned around and I was topless and I saw her recording."

Locken defended herself, saying, "I was videotaping for posterity so you can watch it! That video's not seeing the light of day!"

But Redmond doubled down, adding, "Just saying, I think it's very disrespectful" before Locken agreed to delete the video right there. The video being gone didn't keep Redmond from piling on about the initial filming, however.

"That's what you do LeeAnne, you do things like that and then you use it against people," the former NFL cheerleader said, adding in a confessional, "Why were you even taking that video? You don't like me; you've talked s— about Mark and Cary [Deuber]. I know that that b— is vindictive. She could easily have texted it out, emailed it to herself, she could have saved it in her iCloud."

When Locken finally raised her voice to Redmond, saying, "You know what? You're dead f—ing wrong," Redmond turned up the heat, telling her, "You're a manipulative f—king b—, and that's why you were taking the video back there is because you want to use it against us!"

It was then that Kameron Westcott pointed out that the whole experience had been filmed for their reality TV show, asking, "If she's fine getting butt naked on national television, then why is she so upset about it being on a cell phone?"

Locken had her own theory — that Redmond was upset she had been on her best behavior the entire trip.

"Brandi wants the old LeeAnne to be the dragon, so she can be the little [princess] and everyone can come and hug her," Locken hypothesized.

Redmond had her own read of the situation though. "LeeAnne is pretending to be Zen, but she can only hide and pretend to be something she's not for so long," she said.


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Photo credit: Bravo