'RHOC' Personality Tamra Judge Breaks Foot Jumping into Hot Tub

Tamra Judge apparently broke her foot in Mexico, where the reality star was trying to jump into a hot tub naked.

Monday night's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County shows Judge drinking with reckless abandon before she breaks her foot. After that, she is trying to enjoy her time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a cast on her leg. She is forced to rely on co-stars Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson for assistance, though they are not shy about making fun of her.

"I just want to have a good time because there's so much s— going on in my life that you could probably make a country song about me," Judge said just before the accident. Her husband was dealing with heart complications.

"My husband's heart's broken. Somebody give me a shot of tequila. It's ridiculous," she said, summing up her arc.

Later on in the episode, Judge took off all of her clothes before getting into the tub. In her wild state, she got out of the water to jokingly flash Vunvalson, but when she jumped back in, she had a treacherous landing. At first, she tried to ignore the pain in her foot.

"I might've hurt my foot," she said. "Like, might've hurt like broke my foot maybe? ... It's all gonna be good. Can we have another shot? I think I need another shot and my foot's gonna be real good."

Even after all the drinks, Judge could not ignore the pain. She was rushed to a hospital in the early hours of the morning, where she got a cast put on. Doctors told her to see an orthopedic surgeon when she got back home, but in the meantime she had partying left to do.

The ensuing hijinx was the real high point of the episode. Gunvalson and Beador did their best to help their friend — even carrying her down the steps to the beach. With the help of an employee, they carted her over to a chair as people all over the beach watched, and even snapped pictures on their phones.

"It's not funny," Judge said as her friends laughed at her.

"It's a little funny," she admitted finally.

Judge's injury was first reported back in February when it first happened. Since then, she has documented her road to recovery on Instagram. She has continued to be good-natured about her friends mockery, and even her husband joined got a few jokes in.

"It sounds like you were drunk as f—," he said when she FaceTimed him on the show.

"A little bit!" Beador called over.


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