Teddi Mellencamp Got Into Her First Fight on 'RHOBH' and Fans Are Rolling Their Eyes

Teddi Mellencamp has now been initiated into the Housewives club, getting involved in her first seemingly-meaningless fight on her freshman season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The 36-year-old accountability coach appeared to be staying out of her castmate's drama so far, but everything changed when the new Bravo star got drawn into the drama over how late Dorit Kemsley was for a date for drinks they had planned.

After waiting for an hour (or was it six minutes?) at the restaurant for Kemsley, who was caught up in a business meeting for her swimwear line, Mellencamp started to get agitated that her new friend wasn't respecting her time and told her off over the phone before bailing on the postponed Prosecco.

Fans were pretty solidly on Mellencamp's side until Kemsley started telling her side of the story to Kyle Richards, explaining she was only a few minutes late for the drinks date, and that Mellencamp had agreed to meet her a half an hour later than she claimed.

Richards told Mellencamp, and a lot of debate over half-past-whenever and a quarter-til-something go on between different pairs of Housewives for another 30 minutes before Kemsley and Mellencamp actually discuss the issue face to face.

Mellencamp first tells her friend that she didn't "actually care" about Kemsley leaving her there for "54 minutes," before being interrupted by the Housewife disputing the exact minute mark.

After going back and forth (again) over the time differential, Mellencamp admits she was most hurt by Kemsley discussing their issue with Richards and Lisa Vanderpump.

"The one thing I'm never wrong about is what time I'm supposed to do something," Mellencamp says. "I'm an accountability coach. That's the one thing."

Away from her friend, to cameras, Kemsley laments herself once again becoming the bad guy.

"I don't know how I became the villain in all of this," she says. "It's a little overly sensitive. I'm sorry."

To Mellencamp's face, Kemsley calls her "ridiculous," which doesn't do much to soothe the angry equestrian.

After chewing up the scenery for another five minutes, the two agree to end their argument after Kemsley calls the spat "the most childish thing I've ever, ever had a conversation about."

But the tone with which Kemsley says, "Lovely, dropped," about the argument makes us think this won't be the last of #LateGate we'll see this season.

While some fans liked Mellencamp calling Kemsley out for classic Housewife behavior, others were bored with the trivial fight. (Richards might have described things best when she told cameras, "Dorit's energy level is very over the top...I just want a massage.")


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Bravo