'RHOBH' Fans Are Living For Dorit Kemsley's 3-Year-Old Dissing Erika Jayne

Out of the mouth of babes...comes an amazing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills moment.

Dorit Kemsley's 3-year-old son Jagger delivered an iconic diss to Erika Jayne at the Bravo cast member's birthday dinner after surprising his mom wearing an adorable mini tuxedo.

Looking directly at his mom's 46-year-old co-star, the little boy says simply, and repeatedly, "Bad guy!"

While Jayne brushed the moment off, laughing and telling the toddler she wears the title "with a badge of honor," she wonders later in a confessional where the little boy might have learned that.

"Maybe, you know kids tell the truth," she tells the camera. "But maybe he was prompted."

But Kemsley denies she's been talking smack on her Bravo castmate...at least in front of her kid.

"I swear to God he never heard that from me," she says. "I may have thought it at some point, but I never never said it."

But any tension that might have accumulated from the toddler's accusation dissipated when Jagger turned to Lisa Vanderpump and also called her a "bad guy."

The SUR owner takes the insult in stride, however.

"Well that's spot on until he called me a bad guy, then it's a load of rubbish," she tells the camera.

Fans were living for the little boy's burn.


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Photo credit: Bravo