Reza Farahan on How 'Reza Be Obsessed' Haircare Gives Fans 'Bravo Confessional' Vibes (Exclusive)

Fans know Reza Farahan as the breakout star of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset. When he's not making you laugh on reality TV, he's helping fans transform their hair with his line Reza Be Obsessed. While talking to about the line, Farahan described what makes his haircare products so unique and explained why fans will want to utilize them to get their own "Bravo confessional" look. 

Farahan described that became involved in Reza Be Obsessed almost by chance. Years ago, he ran into Sheree LaDove Funsch, a veteran in the beauty industry, at the dog park and she helped get the process started. Funsch's expertise was invaluable to Farahan as he was creating his own products, as she was able to shed some insight into the chemical side of his haircare line. She was also able to offer some advice on how he could make the line uniquely "Reza," as the products contain luxury ingredients such as champagne all while being affordable. 

Farahan described how he was especially thrilled about the opportunity to create his own haircare line, as he want to "give fans really luxurious, great products" that they may not have necessarily gotten to use otherwise. For Farahan, it's not about the money. Instead, he truly wants to give back to his fans, as he explained, "I have money coming in from real estate and I have a reality TV career. Even if this doesn't turn out to be a huge financial win for me, it would be so dope to be able to give the fans just that Bravo confessional feel in a bottle."

Farahan added that it was important for him to be able to "connect with them in a special way and give them some luxury because I know how I feel when I wear my gold Rolex or I put on my Saint Laurent bomber jacket. I just feel special." The Bravo personality continued, "To have gold and diamonds that actually do good for your hair, for me, and I've heard from other fans, it just gives them a little feeling of being special and luxurious and pampered and taken care of."

After toiling to make products such as REZA Black Diamond Oil and REZA Ultimate Hairspray Can't Top This the best that they can be, Farahan is proud of what he was able to accomplish. He's also incredibly excited about being able to produce products that Bravo fans will love. "I wanted to be able to stand behind it, be proud of it, be a product that I actually use in my own house," he explained. "Not something that I just sell, try to make money off of. But it's something that like, oh my God, I was able to make this. And it's exactly the way I wanted it to be. And I'm so excited.


In addition to working on Reza Be Obsessed, Farahan may also have a new project in the works with Bravo in the wake of Shahs of Sunset's cancellation. While he didn't offer too many details on that front, rest assured that no matter what Farahan is up to next, he'll make sure Bravo fans are with him every step of the way.