Reality TV Star Victimized by Cruel Prank While Running

The reality star received painful lacerations due to the prank.

An Australian reality television personality revealed how a cruel prank left her with painful lacerations on her neck. Leesh Cunningham, who appeared on Stan's Love Triangle Season One in 2022, has taken to Tik Tok to call out pranksters who erected a dangerous hazard on a Sydney running track.

The television star was injured while running in a wooded area when she was badly injured from a fishing wire tied between two trees and hanging at neck height. During the course of her jog, the F45 trainer captured her sustained injuries and slammed those behind the cruel act.


Seriously what goes through someone’s thick head when they do messed up stuff like this! It could have been so much worse! 🤬🤬 #trap #run #rant

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"I don't want to disrupt my run. But, some f—wit has put fishing line across two trees. Right in [the] neckline,' Cunningham said, pointing at a laceration slashed across her neck as she spoke. "Seriously, if it's kids, you actually don't understand how serious that can be. Especially running at speed. Right there! F— hell."

The runner, responding to concerns made by fans, confirmed that the incident took place in Killarney Vale, on the NSW Central Coast, and assured them that it was reported to the police.

'Seriously, what goes through someone's thick head when they do messed up stuff like this! It could have been so much worse!" she captioned the video. The reality star said it was fortunate for her that her attention was drawn to the wire moments before she ran into it.

"I saw it, but because I was running, I didn't have enough time to stop. So it still hit me, but if I hadn't seen it at all that would have done so much more damage,' she told Yahoo! News.

According to Cunningham, she was concerned for her safety when she discovered the wire, fearing that she might still be in the area with the person who strung it up. 'I was frantically looking and yelling just in case there was someone there,' she said

The TikTok commenters referred to these kinds of encounters as not uncommon along The Central Coast or all across Australia. "Someone did this across mountain bike trails in Hobart. It can literally kill someone! Glad you're OK," one supporter commented. "This happens so much on the Coast," said another.