'Property Brothers' Twin Jonathan Scott Reveals What Frightened Him on Upcoming Season of HGTV Series

The upcoming season of Property Brothers with Drew and Jonathan Scott could have an unexpected guest star: a snake!

In an interview with E! News, Jonathan Scott said the brothers found a slithering friend inside a home they were renovating in Nashville while filming new episodes of their hit HGTV series. When they pulled open a wall, they discovered a 10-foot snake living inside it.

"I think he surprised the snake more than the snake surprised him," Drew Scott added.

"I don't want to come across that again," Jonathan added.

Aside from reptiles, the upcoming season will bring other surprises for viewers at home.

"It's fun though," Drew told E! News. "We have so many different things that we're always trying to bring to the viewers. We hop around a little bit. We're always trying to find different stories... to find any way to challenge [us]."

One challenge they try to avoid is working with a client who might have a shady past. During HGTV's Television Critics Association panel, Scott told reporters that they once had to walk away from a home when they found out the homeowner was doing something illegal.

"Sometimes I think they cast people to give me grey hair, but 99 percent of the home owners are fantastic and wonderful," Jonathan told the media, reports TheWrap. "And there's the 1 percent that's really sometimes a pain."

Jonathan explained that the homeowner was a firefighter who wanted to make a poor investment that would have violated property codes. Drew said the firefighter wanted to live in a neighborhood on an old landfill, with soil not properly cared for.

"All the houses in the neighborhood were sinking. Literally sinking," Drew said, adding that the house the firefighter was looking at had different ceiling heights depending on which part of the house you were in!

"We ended up walking away, and unfortunately he ended up buying that house," Drew said.

After promoting the new episodes, Drew and his wife, Linda Phan, plan on heading to Ecuador for their honeymoon. The couple married in May, and their nuptials were the subject of a June TLC special called Property Brothers: Linda And Drew Say I Do.

"For us, we're actually going to Ecuador on a charitable awareness trip with the We Organization," Drew told E! News. "We went to Kenya with them last year, so we're actually going to help build and do an awareness trip to Ecuador."

Since the couple married, they only spend a few days in Italy before returning home to film the new Property Brothers season.

"It's been a very active two months of being married," Drew said.

"I have my own special: Jonathan Still A Loser," Jonathan joked.


Property Brothers episodes air on HGTV at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesdays.

Photo credit: Araya Diaz/Getty Images