'Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott Reveal 'Weird Things' About Their Twin Bond

The identical twin bond is real, just ask Property Brothers stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. The duo appeared on Today with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford earlier this week and dished about the "weird things" they feel with their bond.

"I know this sounds weird, but back in our college days, I was in a different province (in Canada) than Jonathan, (and) I injured myself playing basketball,'' Drew, 40, said Monday. "I had to go for knee surgery, and all of a sudden he had to take four days off from work because his knee was hurting him, and I hadn't told him about (the surgery)."

The two felt the pain in the same knee.

"There's weird things like that through our whole lives that happened,'' Jonathan, 40, added.

While the two felt a physical bond in that case, the two said they often feel the bond through their thoughts, as if they know what the other is thinking.

"Things like all of a sudden the most random thing will pop into my head, and I'll call him,'' Jonathan told Gifford and Kotb. "And he'll say to me before I say to him, 'Hey I was just thinking...' I'm like, 'That's exactly the same thing I was just calling about.'''

The brothers previously spoke about their bond during a Today.com interview last year, when they promoted their new book It Takes Two: Our Story. Among their list five twin tips was that "twin telepathy" is real.

"We know exactly what each other's thinking," Jonathan said at the time.

This year, Drew also built another special bond. He tied the knot with Linda Phan in May, a month after Jonathan split from his girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetzov. In an interview with PEOPLE, Jonathan said the special bond between his brother and Phan has given him hope in his own love life.

"The special bond they have has given me hope," he told the magazine, later adding, "There is such profound love and respect between the two of them. They really do make each other better people. And to see that bond now made official after, I believe, eight years, it just feels right."

Jonathan recently revealed that he has been approached by ABC to be on The Bachelor, but he will never do that.


"That is so not my jam," Jonathan told Us Weekly earlier this week. "I would be absolutely … That's my nightmare. Like, I can't even imagine. Thirty — what is it, 30 women or whatever? I wouldn't even know how to wield three people. I would be terrified, so no."

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