Pregnant 'Big Brother' Alum Jessica Graf Reveals Baby Bump

Jessica Graf is showing off her baby bump while proactively stopping body shamers from ruining her fun.

The Big Brother 19 star, who met now-husband Cody Nickson on the CBS reality competition in 2017, shared a photo of her baby belly for the first time on social media Thursday. In the photo, she wears a long gray skirt and black long-sleeved shirt while standing in front of a fireplace with her and Nickson's stockings. She holds a sign that clues us in on how far along she is: "I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22."

In a lengthy statement, Graf explained that she hasn't shared any baby bump photos so far because she doesn't want to deal with backlash from body-shaming internet trolls.

(Photo: Instagram / @thejessicagraf)

By popular demand! My first baby bump photo," she wrote. "I've had a lot of people ask me to post photos of my bump, and honestly, I've chosen not to because people online can be TROLLS! I'm very confident, and rude comments don't bother me anymore. I've developed tough skin for it and I've also developed one hell of a 'Blocked' list so I don't see most of it. The few rude comments I do see, Cody and I enjoy laughing at because the effort put in to hurt someone you have never met's feelings, it's pretty pathetic!"

"So I've avoided putting my bump photos online to avoid opening the door for body shaming," she continued. "If you're sitting here thinking, 'Who would body shame someone who's pregnant?' Congratulations. You're a human who has common sense and A SOUL!" Unfortunately, not everyone does and there will still be hate somewhere on this post!"

She said she only changed her mind when she was inspired by another mom who recently shared a "very vulnerable" photo of herself 3 weeks postpartum.

"Seeing your body go through such drastic changes is hard and can sometimes take a hit to your confidence level! But I would rather be a woman...who inspires confidence than to avoid the issue all together!" Graf explained.

She concluded," So to all my Mommas out there, you're BEAUTIFUL and the haters can SUCK IT!"

Her post had the support of "Auntie V," aka The Bachelor alum Vanessa Grimaldi, who wrote, "Woah woah woah — it's one thing to be a troll, but it's about to BODY shame a woman, especially a pregnant one. Always amazes me when someone can think of a negative or hurtful thought, let that thought get to their fingertips, act it out by typing it and actually press 'post' for the whole world to see. Mama, you are a strong and beautiful soul and the people that do know and love you, will never judge you for anything. Enjoy every second of pregnancy and I can't wait to tell the little one how brave of a momma she has!"

Graf revealed in September that she and Nickson were expecting their first child. "WE'RE PREGNANT! And I'm over the moon!" she captioned an ultrasound photo at the time. "I'm so excited to bring our first child into this life we have created together!"

After the two met on the set of Big Brother, they won Amazing Race and got engaged in February before marrying in October in Malibu. Shortly after tying the knot, they revealed they were expecting a daughter.


"IT'S A GIRL!!!" Graf captioned a photo of the gender reveal party.

The daughter will be Graf's first child and Nickson's second, as he is also dad to 6-year-old daughter Paisley from a previous relationship.