'Outdaughtered' Fans Defend Danielle Busby After She's Accused of Playing Favorites With Her Children

Danielle Busby has followers jumping to her defense after one mom-shamer accused the Outdaughtered [...]

Danielle Busby has followers jumping to her defense after one mom-shamer accused the Outdaughtered star of playing favorites with twins Ava and Olivia, saying she leaves out her other four children, Hazel, Parker, Riley and Blayke after the TLC mom shared a photo of the two little girls on a shopping date.

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"Shopping with the twinkies #luluandava #itsabuzzworld," Busby wrote alongside the photo, which shows the little girls in matching red and white checked dresses.

The sweet photo somehow inspired one follower to slam Busby for her parenting, as first noticed by InTouch Weekly, writing, "Danielle's always with the twins, I never really see her that much with the other 3, so sad poor haze,riri and pk. I love Adam the most bc he's always with ALL the girls."

Busby's followers were quick to clap back, with one writing, "That's the dumbest thing I've ever read! That is so not true and what, you have a secret video camera on them everywhere they go?"

Another responded, "She is a great mom and treats all them kids equally... Let's see if you could handle 6 of them... Just get off the page nobody needs your negativity on here!!"

Still others pointed out that in her Instagram Story that day, Busby had mentioned she was going to bring Ava, Riley and Hazel with her shopping, but Riley and Hazel wanted to stay home with their dad, so Olivia stepped in.

It's this kind of keyboard judgement, others noted, that makes the world such a negative place.

"You are why this world is the way it is today...hiding behind a screen, clueless and spreading negativity about things you will never have the privilege to experience...rightfully so," one user wrote. "Go away negative Nancy."

"I really can't see anything bad here. They love all girls equally, pay equal attention to everyone," another noted. "You're definitely an attention seeker. No one is forcing you to like them. If you have a negative opinion about something it's better to keep it to yourself."

Photo credit: Instagram/Danielle Busby