Jerry Harris, Netflix's 'Cheer' Star, Reveals How He's His Own Biggest Cheerleader (Exclusive)

He's America's biggest cheerleader! Jerry Harris rose to fame after his glowing positivity gushed through millions of television screens throughout the world on Netflix's Cheer. While he's become known for his mat talks and positive mindset, Harris is only human. So how does he stay positive for himself through tough times? In an exclusive interview with for our series, PopCulture @ Home, Harris revealed it's all in his morning routine.

"I like to start my mornings with an attitude of gratitude journal where I write down five things each day that I'm very thankful for and it really is just an amazing burst of positivity to start my day," Harris said. Fans who watched the popular docuseries have seen Harris through some of his tougher moments of not making mat and losing his sweet mother, Lizzie Bowman, to lung cancer in 2016. However, he's managed to still cheer on his teammates — eventually making mat himself — and keep a positive attitude despite his tragic loss, even influencing a few of his friends to change their attitude as well.

"It may change every day, one thing may change every day or it may be the same for weeks," he continued regarding his journal. "But it's just a good way to write those things down to really make me feel thankful and blessed for all the amazing things that have happened in my life that I'm very fortunate to have. So that's a really good way on how I stay positive nowadays."

Because this has become his motto, Harris is finding ways to keep his emotions healthy and high through 2020 as it's been a devastating year for millions across the world as a result of the pandemic. Starting Aug. 11 through Sept 1. the Navarro cheerleader is launching his Mat Talk Series via Instagram to keep his followers in the right mindset. "Everybody loves my mat talks!" he said with a smile on his face. "Everybody needs a little pump up [...] it's a great way to start your day with positivity!"

He added that he's incredibly thrilled to be doing this because he loves "to help people feel good" and because it's a great way to relay his message of staying strong and taking the time each day to be thankful for little and big blessings. He's also using his platform to spread awareness on childhood hunger. Harris recently partnered with Cheerios, who donated $1.3 million to No Kid Hungry, to help raise awareness of the heartbreaking reality that one and four kids in the U.S. are at risk of facing hunger this year due to COVID-19.

Jerry Cheerios Image
(Photo: Jennifer Houchens )

"It's really hard to see," Harris said knowing there are children going to bed and waking up without food these days, which is why it was imperative for him to partner with the cereal brand. "I'm very excited to partner with Cheerios because I love how their messaging is to spread positivity — you know, that's me each and every day — every moment of my life is to spread positivity. And I love that they partnered with No Kid Hungry because their hope is to end childhood hunger in America."

Harris is someone who's experienced food insecurity growing up, not knowing where each meal would come from if he was lucky to have three meals a day. The cheerleading star confessed that he relied heavily on his school breakfasts and lunches, but since some schools are opting for virtual learning, he's heartbroken that some kids won't have those guaranteed meals. However, he is using his platform to play his part in helping kids get what they deserve and says "it fits well with me" to have partnered with the company.


Although he wasn't able to reveal any details, Harris does have a few exciting things in store and is excited to share it with his fans when the time comes. For more on your favorite celebrities, keep it right here at