NBC Adapts Maury Povich Talk Show Into Party Game Called 'You Are Not the Father'

A new party game puts players in the hot seat they have seen so many others occupy on Maury. NBCUniversal Television Distribution has reportedly adapted the talk show into a board game called "You Are Not the Father." The game is currently available for pre-order, and fans are feeling the same nerves real guests feel.

"The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father" will be shipped starting on Nov. 27, perhaps leading to some awkward games around the table on Thanksgiving. It costs just $19.99, and is eligible for free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

"The show is known for its compelling relationship drama, family issues, infidelity, and signature paternity tests," reads NBCUniversial's description of the game. "'The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father' will allow players to clear their name, Maury-style, with this hilarious party game for adults. The game challenges players to prove their non-paternity through a series of outrageous accusations and laugh-out-loud arguments."

"You Are Not the Father" gamifies some of the dynamics at work in a typical episode of The Maury Show. It has rules for an "argument," and players are rewarded for winning an "argument" by gaining "Audience Popularity." This metric helps increase your chances of being "innocent," or, not the father. Finally, the game ends with Maury's signature paternity test.

"At the end, a paternity test is 'performed' and the 'results' lie in each player's Test Results envelope. Play your cards right to increase your odds of innocence and to turn the Maury audience against your competitors before the big reveal. Only one will be the father — don’t let it be you!" the description concludes.

Obviously, the game is intended for adults, as it is a little on the raunchy side, conceptually. Even Povich himself said that he only endorses it because there are no real stakes.

"'You Are Not the Father' celebrates our outrageous guests and the absurd excuses they use on our paternity episodes," Povich said, according to The Wrap. "The game is fun, funny, and the best part is, there are no real babies involved."

The show's executive producer, Paul Faulhaber, added that he expects the game to be a huge hit with die-hard fans of Maury, but is also accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the show.


Maury is a staple of daytime TV, airing in syndication on weekdays since 1991. It features Maury Povich mediating familial drama for his guests, before ultimately settling paternity issues with a DNA test. The outrageous reveals are the fodder for countless memes, and now it looks like NBC is inviting fans to step into the shoes of a contestant with this new game.

The Maury Povich Show airs on weekdays at 1 p.m. ET, check your local listings for the correct channel.