'Naked and Afraid' Contestant Burns His Penis Sleeping Next to a Fire

A Naked and Afraid contestant learned the hard way that being naked and afraid is not always a good idea. in a clip from the upcoming season premiere, U.K. contestant Sam Mouzer has his penis burned because he slept too close to an open flame. Mouzer and another contestant, Lilly Jammerbund, spent three weeks filming in the wilderness of New Mexico for the new episode.

The clip, published by TMZ on Wednesday, shows Mouzer and Jammerbund sleeping close to an open flame when Mouzer suddenly screams out in pain. Hot coal popped from the fire and landed on the tip of Mouzer's penis. "One of said coals has landed on my... um... little soldier's helmet," Mouzer told the camera as he tried to keep his droll sense of humor alive. "I'm going to look like I got hit with buckshot when I get home," Mouzer added.

Thankfully, a brave medic was on the scene to make sure Mouzer's injury did not cause an infection. He acted jokingly surprised that the medic only needed a small Q-tip. "Obviously, we need everything extra large," Mouzer joked. The medic helped Mouzer just in time and did everything to relieve his pain.

Mouzer and Jammerbund filmed their episode last August. In an interview with the Express and Star, Mouzer said the producers wanted to drop him in the Mojave Desert while he wore a U.K. flag, but he insisted on representing his native Black Country region.

"The producers told me they thought I would be wearing an England flag but I told them, 'You don't know where I'm from, I'm Black Country through and through,'" he said. "It is an experience I will never forget, I cannot talk about it much before the show is on the television but... normally people are on the show for 45 minutes, but mine was the season premiere and it lasted two hours."

The contestants had 21 days to find their way to safety. It was not easy. "It was really tough – I've got the scars to prove it, there were rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions as well as the struggle of trying to find shelter and food every day," Mouzer said. He noted that the theme for his episode was "Welcome to America," and he thought he and Lilly "shocked" producers by how well they did.

Mouzer is now back at home, working as a mental health support worker. He lives with his partner Elle and their two boys, ages 12 and 20. "I am just glad he is back in one piece, I am just happy he did it and survived it," Elle told Express and Star. "I will be watching on TV like everyone else to see how he got on."

Naked and Afraid Season 15 debuts on Sunday, Feb. 19. The series is also available to stream on Discovery+. Mouzer and Jammerbund's episode was filmed in the Sabinoso Region of San Miguel County, New Mexico.