'My 600-lb Life' Stars Rena and Lee Split, According to Facebook Status

My 600-lb Life stars Rena Kiser and Lee Sutton have reportedly split, if Kiser's recent Facebook update is anything to go by.

In late May, Kiser posted a Facebook status that read "Wow once a cheater always a cheater, guess one day I will learn, good riddens (sic) to excess baggage!!"

"Maybe I can finally be me now," the post added, according to a screenshot from Starcasm. Her current status also says that she's "single."

Fans believe the status may have been alluding to her relationship with Sutton, especially since Kiser tagged him in the post, though she didn't mention him by name.

In addition, Sutton reportedly updated his own status to "in a relationship" on May 29 and posted a photo of himself with another woman. The outlet claims that the woman in question is married, though that has not been confirmed.

Kiser and Sutton first met at a weight-loss clinic where they bonded over their love of food. The clinic didn't allow relationships, so they left to be together. Both Kiser and Sutton underwent gastric bypass surgery, and they lost 574 pounds between them. Kiser went from 542 pounds to 278 while Sutton dropped from 714 pounds to 411.

"Our relationship has definitely improved. We can do stuff for ourselves more and don't have to rely as much on others," Sutton told Newsweek in 2018, adding that the couple plans to get married eventually. "We will be together until death do us part!"

The split comes just a few days before the couple's episode of Where Are They Now?, which airs June 5. The episode will also feature Sarah Neeley.

While the breakup likely won't be addressed in the episode if it was recent, the couple's portion of the episode's log line reads, "Lee's anger issues continue to jeopardize his relationship with Rena and threatens to derail both of their weight loss journeys."

Kiser and Sutton's episode of Where Are They Now? airs at 8 p.m. ET on June 5 on TLC.


Photo Credit: TLC