Matt Roloff Stuns 'Little People, Big World' Fans After Latest Message to Ex-Wife Amy

Matt Roloff had Little People, Big World fans pleasantly surprised Tuesday when he sent ex-wife Amy Roloff some birthday well-wishes on social media.

The exes haven't always been on the best of terms, and fans watched them spar throughout the most recent season of their TLC show, but Roloff appears to be putting their differences aside to celebrate her joint birthday with their daughter Molly.

Posing with Molly and son Jeremy's daughter Ember, Roloff looked all smiles in the photo that accompanied the sweet message.

"A very Happy Birthday to both Amy and Molly who share the exact same big day. I hope you both have a wonderful amazing Day!! Happy Birthday to you both," he wrote.

Fans were shocked at the message, and gave Roloff kudos for improving his relationship with his ex.

"That's really sweet Matt, and it shows you have a good character," a fan commented on the photo. "I have to say I was sad to see you and Amy divorce but you both need to be happy. Y'all have raised wonderful children. Keep being the man you are!!"

"Very classy and nice that you would also remember it's Amy's bday the same day that it's Molly's," another fan wrote in the comments. "It's not like you will never forget her bday anyway and it's just a nice gesture to say and do(Amy gave you 4beautiful kids)and even though your both with other people it's always best to look like the hero even when things are tougher then we even see..I love this show,bc the family is real and even though your divorced I know you wouldn't want anything to go wrong with your kids mom..I really wish my ex husband would get a clue and realize things go along way when it's not just about you(it's our son) and it's so much easier to get along..anyway I love this show and as per both your grandkids (love them)and the way you and Amy always do think of each others feeling in regards to your kids (proud your not bashing each other) Bravo and [Molly], happy birthday."

"You're a class act, Matt!" another echoed.


Both exes have moved on with their respective significant others — Amy with beau Chris Marek and Roloff with Caryn Chandler — so we hope that as they heal from their divorce, interactions like this will be the norm!

Photo credit: Instagram/Matt Roloff