Matt Roloff Defends Ex-Wife Amy After Fans Attack Her

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff defended his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, from the social media [...]

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff defended his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, from the social media trolls who post negative comments about her.

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(Photo: Instagram/Matt Roloff)

Back on June 7, Roloff posted a photo of blue flowers in a field, accompanied by a long statement on Instagram. He vowed to remove "unnecessary mean or hateful comments" about his former wife from his social media pages.

"I'm generally pretty tolerant on my social media as to what I allow vs when I delete or ban someone. People that have followed me for a while already know I delete comments that use four letter words, vulgarity or just post overly mean and unnecessary comments," Roloff wrote. "But my new rule is I'm going to delete people that make unnecessary mean or hateful comments about Amy or any of my family members. I may not catch them every time but if you're an on-line bully, I'm going to up my effort to remove you. The rest of you.... thanks for the lively debate and spirited conversations. #lovelove to you all!"

Roloff and Amy Roloff split in 2016, but both still live on their Oregon farm, albeit in different houses. On social media, the two appear in good spirits, recently posing together to celebrate Little People, Big World's Guinness Book of World Records certificate. The show, which debuted on TLC in 2006 is the longest-running family-focused reality TV series in history, with more than 300 episodes.

Roloff fans are highly critical of the couple, and frequently attack Amy. For example, in May, Amy posted a photo of her preparing to clean a closet. Fans took to the comment section to accuse her of being "jealous" of Roloff's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, a former employee at the farm.

"Always loved [Little People, Big World] but dude your bitterness & anger is ruining the show. You sound so cruel whenever [you] try and paint Matt in a bad light," one person wrote. "(And I can't believe [you] were jealous of Caryn holding Jackson. Omg most grandmas would be happy their grandchildren have so much love around them) the jealousy makes [you] ugly. Whenever Matt has an issue with [you] he at least says it in a gentle way. Stop playing the victim all the time and get therapy and some meds please!!"

Some fans once attacked Roloff, accusing him of stealing Amy's business ideas.

Even the extended Roloff family is not immune to critics. After Jeremy Roloff's wife Audrey said being a mom left her exhausted, she was attacked on Twitter for feeling "robbed" of beautiful first moments with her newborn daughter. Jeremy was also taken to task for missing the irony of complaining about the roles phones have in our daily lives in an Instagram post.

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