Matt Roloff Slammed by Ex-Wife Amy’s Fans for Posting Photo With New Girlfriend

Though audiences have only seen 10 years in the marriage between Little People, Big World co-stars Matt Roloff and ex-wife Amy, you can bet they are very invested in the family matriarch.

Two days before Thanksgiving, Roloff took to social media to share an image of himself with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

"I want to stop and take some time out to wish you all a Happy Holiday season. No matter where you are, I hope you appreciate the little things and special time with your loved ones," Roloff wrote. "Caryn gave me the okay to post this photo we have from dinner last night here in Arizona.. I've had a great few days here full of sunshine and R&R but I sure can't wait to see those grand babies of mine tomorrow!"

While the message was sweet and showed many where his priorities were, fans of Amy's didn't take the show of affection so well.

One of Amy's fans wrote how she was upset with the Roloff patriarch and family, sharing how she was "Team Amy."

"Matt seems to be a bully in a relationship," she wrote. "I think it's time for the family to get real jobs. Not reality TV."

Another chimed in, writing simply, "Disgusting!!!!!"

Some were also questioning whether Chandler was in the relationship with Roloff for the "right reasons."

"Her official title is farm manager," one follower shared. "She knows everything, including financials. I do hope, for his sake and his heart, that she's sincere."

Another retorted, "It looks like u just her sugar (sic) daddy. I love [your] kids and Amy. But is your choice. Hope Amy is happy with someone too."

For the real Amy fans out there, it is well known that Amy is happy with someone. Shortly after her divorce from Roloff, she moved on gradually and began dating Chris Marek.


Last month, Amy took to social media to share an image of her and Marek celebrating Thanksgiving. The 53-year-old posted a photo of the two hugging in an evergreen frame on her Facebook, leaving the heartwarming image captionless.

Marek and Amy have been dating for about a year now, and the Little People, Big World cast member introduced him to her children in May. Amy split from her husband Matt Roloff in 2016, but the two continue to work on Roloff Family Farms together.