'Masked Singer' Alum Tom Bergeron Pokes Fun at 'Bachelorette' Suitor Dale Moss' Taco Costume

Tom Bergeron poked fun at The Bachelorette star Dale Moss on Saturday when pictures of him in a [...]

Tom Bergeron poked fun at The Bachelorette star Dale Moss on Saturday when pictures of him in a taco costume first emerged. This weekend, photos from Moss' past as a Halloween costume model emerged on Twitter, including one where he wore a massive taco suit over his torso. Bergeron and actor William Shatner could not help noticing a similarity to Bergeron's costume from The Masked Singer Season 3.

"Hey [Tom Bergeron] that guy from The Bachelorette is moving in on your territory. I'd lawyer up! Could 2020 get any worse for you?" wrote Shatner, tagging his friend on Twitter over the weekend. Attached was the now-infamous photo of Moss in his early days as a model for Party City's costume line. Bergeron responded: "I'm not a prude, but MY taco costume never let my meat hang out."

Bergeron even tagged the official Masked Singer account in the joke, which picked up hundreds of likes over the weekend. Bergeron competed in the reality competition show back in the spring, making it to week 5 before he was unmasked as "the taco."

This was not the only odd picture of Moss to resurface this weekend. Fans found photos of him modeling all sorts of costumes, from a Roman warrior to Superman — complete with foam padding muscles. Another fan spotted Moss on the packaging for a set of props for a wedding photo booth, holding up a sign that reads: "Hubby."

This was too on the nose for fans of The Bachelorette, who now know Moss as an up-and-coming suitor and reality TV star. Moss has made no secret of his past as a model, and his ambitions to take his career even further. In an interview with Midco Sports Network earlier this year, he said he hoped to have a career trajectory a bit like Ryan Seacrest.

"Currently, I am a model with Wilhelmina International, and a sports and entertainment host," he said. "That's always been one of my focuses. I think how Ryan Seacrest has built a brand and really an empire is really amazing, and I would love to model my career after him."

Moss is doing well on The Bachelorette so far — in fact, on the season premiere, star Clare Crawley proclaimed that she had just met her "husband" after her first interaction with Moss. According to a report by Us Weekly, Crawley exited The Bachelorette early after finding love with one of her suitors, and was replaced by Tayshia Adams to finish out the season. It could be that Moss is the one Crawley went running off with before the drama could really get started.

The Bachelorette Season 16 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.