Marie Osmond Reveals Whether She Would Compete on 'The Masked Singer' (Exclusive)

The Masked Singer has become a fan-favorite since it premiered in Jan. 2019. Throughout the last four seasons, big names like LeAnn Rimes, Lil Wayne, Rob Gronkowski and Bob Saget have graced the stage, earning the series recognition from millions. During an exclusive interview with, Marie Osmond admitted that although her brother Donny Osmond competed on the first season, she's not so keen on the idea of taking the stage herself in a decked out costume.

"No," Osmond said simply when asked if she would compete on the hit Fox series. When asked why, the award-winning singer explained that if she is going to perform on stage, she would prefer not to be weighted down in a heavy costume. "I'm all by myself, locked up in a claustrophobic head just to have one go, 'Oh, it was her goodbye.' I'm not doing that." While explaining her stance on the subject, she had a light demeanor while adding, "You know, no, I have hot flashes. I don't need that."

She did note, "I have a new album coming out. It's a symphonic album. I'm doing legit soprano and Italian and all these different things. I'll do that at a symphonic date with 60-somewhat people behind me, and they're gonna know it's me. I'm not gonna be masked."

Her older brother, Donny, was one of 12 famous faces to perform during the show's premiere season, disguised as the Peacock. Donny was the runner-up after T-Pain took home the title disguised as the Monster. During Season 4, the show introduced its first duo costume to the audience as the Snow Owls, and naturally Osmond and her brother were guessed to be the talented pair. However, it was revealed that Clint Black and wife Lisa Hartman were the empty-nesters on stage instead.

While Osmond might not be eager to jump on The Masked Singer stage, she will be stepping in front of the camera this year for another film. While she wasn't able to give much detail, she did note that it's a role she probably would have played "in her 30's", adding, "I think I might be that character, that older woman — I'll end up being that one in Broadway who comes out and does the ridiculous funny party." While she'll be gracing the front of the camera, she'll also have her hands deep in production as well.

"I love humor. I love the production end of things. I love the front of the camera, behind. I love knowing everybody's job. Everybody's so important to a project, and so I don't know, I really have fun, but to put films out there now that are good [...]" she detailed before adding that the movie is "funny" and "cute" and is excited because it will hopefully bring a big smile to viewers.

Due to the pandemic, she had to postpone the release of her new album but is excited to share it with fans real soon. Like many, Osmond had to navigate 2020 differently once lockdowns became a new way of life, and naturally, fans are curious about how she has stayed in such great shape. The longtime spokesperson for Nutrisystem credits the company and all that it's taught her over the years — but one thing she highlighted is that the weight loss company taught her how to eat.


"It had to be common sense and that's what it is. They take the foods that we love, they make them healthier, so I can have pasta and pizza and chocolate and still lose weight!" Osmond explained, mentioning that the company she's so passionate about has allowed people to have freedom with some of their most beloved dishes. For more on Marie Osmond and your other favorite celebrities, keep it right here at