Why 'Masked Singer' Fans Think Carrie Underwood May Be the Lion

After Wednesday's premiere of The Masked Singer revealed Steelers player Antonio Brown was hiding behind the Hippo mask, fans of the quirky Fox reality show are putting forth some pretty convincing theories as to which celebs are the remaining Deer, Monster, Unicorn, Peacock, and Lion contestants.

The Lion, who referred to herself in last week's episode as "Hollywood royalty," captured fans' imaginations with her elaborate gold costume and hint about stepping away "from my pride which has lots of women," leading several to think Carrie Underwood could be the secret star.

"I already am positive The Lion is Carrie Underwood," one viewer stated.

Another tweeted directly at the country star, writing, "@carrieunderwood I know you're the lion!!! #TheMaskedSinger."

Other fans of the show really put in the work, with one user connecting The Masked Singer costume designer Marina Toybina to Underwood through her social media retweets and likes.

The user continued that although Underwood is currently expecting her second child, a little boy, with husband Mike Fisher, when the show was filmed in June she might have been able to cover up her baby bump with the Lion costume's gold draping.

"'The Lioness is hungry' can be referring to Carrie's pregnancy cravings and can also be used to infer that the golden cloth was added there with the purpose to hide Carrie's future baby bump," they hypothesized.

It's unclear if Underwood would return to her reality TV roots and hide her famous face, but fans of The Masked Singer will simply have to tune in to see if their guess is right!

Who do you think the remaining stars are? Let us know in the comment section!

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.


Photo credit: Fox