'Married at First Sight' Star Jamie Otis Debuts Baby Bump in New Photo

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis, one of the show's success stories, showed off her growing baby bump in a new photo on Friday.

Otis took to Instagram to share a photo of herself at eight weeks pregnant, revealing a small baby bump under her shirt.

"First baby bump pic," she wrote in the caption. "8 weeks yesterday!! We are so excited to be growing our family!!"

jamie otis baby bump instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Jamie Otis)

The 32-year-old Otis announced she and husband Doug Hehner are expecting their second baby during an episode of their podcast Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

"We are expanding the family! Jamie and I are now pregnant and we're going to be parents of two," Hehner revealed in the appropriately-titled "Our Surprise Revealed" episode. "Something we've been trying for a little while now has finally come to fruition and I can't wait to meet our little baby boy."

Otis reminded him that they still do not know the baby's gender, although she is hoping 16-month-old daughter Henley Grace gets a sister.

"I love that you said Jamie and Doug are pregnant. I'm pretty sure there's only one of us pregnant," she added. "Pretty sure I'm the only nauseous one. I'm the only one barely able to keep my eyes open."

Otis also shared two videos on Thursday to announce the pregnancy. She also promoted the Ava bracelet, which she said helped track her ovulation.

"So excited to finally share the news that we're PREGNANT!!!" Otis wrote. "I also want to be sensitive to all the mama's who have been TTC [trying to conceive] but are struggling. The road to conception wasn't easy for us and I know there's a involuntary pain that sneaks up on you when it seems like everyone and their sister is getting pregnant but you."

In September, Otis revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. She said her midwife confirmed she had a chemical pregnancy, an "early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation," according to Healthline.

"I don't know why some people have it seemingly SO easy to get preggers & carry their babies to term and others struggle?" Otis wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself with Henley. "What I do know is that I am so, so thankful for this little girl [and her daddy] right here. It's like she knew mommy was in so much pain bc she just wanted to be held and snuggled all night long."


Earlier this month, Otis also shared an update on her journey to find her father. She said she recently took a DNA test, which found a match to a woman who might be an aunt on her father's side.

Otis, a registered nurse, was a contestant on The Bachelor in 2012 and met Hehner during the first season of Married at First Sight in 2014.