Khloe Kardashian's 'Inspired' March for Our Lives Message Stirs Controversy

Khloé Kardashian's message of support for the March for our Lives is causing drama on her Instagram feed.

The reality star took to Instagram Saturday to send a message of support to the hundreds of thousands of people protesting gun violence around the United States and the world.

(Photo: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian)

"So proud and inspired by the youth of our country!" Kardashian wrote on her caption. "Proud to see them using their voices to make a real change! As a nation we spend trillions of dollars fighting war overseas, yet, sadly, we cannot protect our own children here at home! Today a change will be made! Their voices will be heard! Welcome to the revolution."

The Good American creator accompanied the caption with the fist emojis in different skin tones, along with a photo of a sign reading "The Young Are At The Gates."

The message inspired mixed reactions from the pregnant reality star's fans. Some echoed her message throwing messages of support to the young people protesting.

"Girl you could not said it better than that you say what you have right regaled your security have gun or not he is not going in school and kill people Children peace out," one user said.

"You're a true inspiration Khloe. Thank you for taking the time to support the movement. You've always been my favourite sister," another one commented.

"Your words gave me chills because they are so right. It's time for a revolution. Love you [Khloé Kardashian]"

However, not everyone supported the message, as many users said gun control is not the answer to stopping mass shootings, such as the ones that inspired the March For Our Lives.

"Exercising the 1st amendment right to take away the 2nd amendment right. 'Revolution' [laugh my a— off]. Good luck without guns," one user wrote.

"I wish people would focus on bullying more than guns. I've read more suicides from bullying than school shooting within the last 2 years. So sad."

Others called out Kardashian for her security team.

"So your security has no guns? Please make sense. I love u but you can't have it both ways! So glad to see you'll put your [money] where your mouth is." One user commented.

"Really????? Do u have security, [are] they carrying?? Need to work on mental illness. Too bad our schools don't have the security u have. We need to protect our schools and children, I agree, but the school shooting have been going on for many years, so it's time to have armed security and doors locked at all times. Not everyone can afford private schools, so it's time to get tougher and deal with this once and for all. ARMED SECURITY and metal detectors at every entrance, Doors locked."

Kardashian was not the only member of her family to support the cause Saturday, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West attended the march in Washington D.C.


Kourtney Kardashian wrote a message of support on Twitter.

"Today we stand with the survivors of gun violence and student activists who are calling for action on common sense gun safety laws at [March For Our Lives] around the country! This is the beginning of a safer future."