Mama June Flaunts Her Weight Loss in Workout Gear

Mama June Shannon was spotted at LAX on Wednesday, wearing workout gear with her new boyfriend following close behind.

Mama June, whose 300-pound weight loss is the subject of her WE tv series Mama June: From Hot to Not, was seen wearing an Under Armour windbreaker jacket, reports The Daily Mail. She also wore white sneakers with black workout leggings. She was clutching a pink backpack and wasn't wearing makeup.

After leaving the LAX terminal, her boyfriend helped her with her luggage and into a taxi cab.

Mama June hasn't officially revealed her boyfriend's name, intending to save it for his appearance on From Hot to Not, but tabloids are one step ahead. According to Radar Online, her boyfriend is 42-year-old Geno Doak, and they have been dating since late 2015.

Doak is the CEO of G & J Home Improvements. According to Radar, the couple met when Mama June hired his company to remodel her Hampton, Georgia home. They ended their relationship at one point, but got back together last year.

Doak is also a single parent, with an adult son and two daughters. He is expected to appear on From Hot to Not, which begins its second season on Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

In past interviews, Mama June has said that Doak isn't interested in her for the money or fame.

"That's not the case," Shannon told Us Weekly earlier this month. "He makes very good money. He does remodeling and construction work, so he makes good money himself."

Mama June said they met through a mutual friend, and he didn't even know she was famous when they met.

"His kids knew, but he didn't," Mama June told Us Weekly. "I was like, 'Did you live under a rock?' He was like, 'No.' He just doesn't watching reality TV. I mean, you know, he does not watch the show, but he doesn't care two cents less about the cameras."


"He is very, very awesome," the 38-year-old Mama June told E! News Thursday. "He actually restored my faith and the girls' faith in men. It's the little things...he is above and beyond anything that I could ever expect."