'Mama June' Shannon Reportedly Pawns Her Diamond Ring for Unusual Road Trip Amid Family Drama

"Mama June" Shannon is a reported $1,500 richer after she pawned her diamond ring. According to sources who spoke to TMZ, the reality TV star recently paid a visit to Cash America, a pawn shop located in Stockbridge, Georgia, and walked out with a decent sum of cash after she flashed the owners the shiny piece of jewelry.

It is unclear if the ring was an engagement ring or a wedding ring and if it was given to her by current boyfriend Geno Doak or her ex-husband, Sugar Bear, who had sold his air turkey fryer to purchase a $400 engagement ring, though Shannon had no trouble parting ways with it. Witnesses allege that the Mama June: From Not to Hot star accepted $1,500 for the ring, the very first offer, and possibly a low-ball offer.

Although sources told the outlet that Shannon offered few details regarding her decision to pawn the flashy diamond ring and employees at the shop reportedly refrained from asking too many questions, Screen Rant suggests the reported $1,500 she pocketed from the sale could have been to help fund her and Doak's cross-country road trip.

In August, it was reported that the reality TV star had traded her Hampton, Georgia home for an RV after having discussed a desire to do just that for weeks. Selling the 3,225-square-foot for $100,000, a $50,000 cut from what she had shelled out for it in 2015, she and Doak were reportedly planning on traveling across the country.

As the new homeowner got busy with a complete renovation, reportedly gutting the property and changing "the entire look inside" of the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom home before putting it on the market for $225,000, Shannon and Doak busied themselves with their travels. The controversial couple have reportedly been staying at hotels and, for a time, were reportedly driving around their RV, though the escapades may be more trouble than their worth.


In late December, the couple reportedly caused nearly $1,000 in damages during a "fiery argument" at the FairBridge Inn & Suites in Southern Atlanta that resulted in a call to police. Although officers reportedly arrived to the scene, there was no official police report and no arrests, though sources claim the couple left a mirror shattered with what appeared to be a blood-stained handprint, garbage was thrown around the floor, and the bed had been completely stripped.

The drama, along with their rumored living situation, comes amid their ongoing legal troubles. The couple are currently facing charges of felony drug possession following their March arrests at an Alabama gas station.