'Mama June' Shannon Debuts New Look Following Plastic Surgery

"Mama June" Shannon has a new look! In Touch Weekly revealed her makeover post-plastic surgery, which included a photoshoot that showed off her new chin and teeth. Attempting to rid herself of a "triple chin," June underwent chin and neck liposuction procedures. The aftermath sees a much slimmer face and from the looks of it, a much happier Mama June.

At first glance, the From Not to Hot star's new veneers are very noticeable. The work was performed by Dr. Rashad Riman and Dr. Leedia Riman at Beverly Hills Dental Lab. Her chin liposuction, which rang it at $15,000 according to the outlet, was done by Dr. Michael K. Obeng. This may not be the last stop for her in changing her look. She reportedly is looking into undergoing other procedures in an effort to meet her desired weight, which could include a gastric bypass. She previously had gastric sleeve surgery in 2016 after losing a total of 300 pounds. In doing so, she also had more work done such as breast augmentation surgery and skin removal surgery.

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She wasn't the only one to get a new look recently, though. Her boyfriend, Geno Doak, also decided to change up his appearance. Following his girlfriend's footsteps from a few years ago, Doak went through with gastric sleeve surgery and a lipoma removal on his neck and head. Like June, he also got a new set of veneers for a completely new set of teeth. Altogether, In Touch Weekly suggests his makeover cost north of $90,000.


The mother of Honey Boo Boo has spent the past four years attempting to change herself for the better, namely focusing on her weight loss. In 2016, she reportedly weighed 460 pounds, which prompted her to undergo her first surgery. Over the course of the next few years, June has continued to shed the pounds, finding herself getting closer and closer to the image she wants. Along with changing herself on the exterior, she also recently celebrated six months of sobriety following her crack cocaine arrest. While in rehab, it was reported that the couple spent upwards of $150,000 on their cocaine habit, as well as June suggesting she would use $2,500 of meth per day. She checked herself into rehab after her arrest.