Mama June's Lingerie Photo Shoot Creates Quite the Uproar

In a new teaser for the second season of Mama June: From Not To Hot, the realty tv personality is posing for a lingerie photo shoot and the pictures have caused quite the uproar.

After a post about the "red-hot" photo shoot went out on Facebook, many reality tv fans took to the comments to share their thoughts on Mama June's "sexy" new look, and their were decidedly mixed opinions, as originally noted by Cafe Mom.

"She really just needs to go away. She's ugly as hell, no matter what she does and she is setting a very bad example for her children," wrote one person.

"She still needs a personality overhaul... And maybe a class on how to behave like a normal, non gross person," said another.

For all the cruel, negative comments, however, there were also positive comments from fans who showed support for Mama June.

"Let her be happy and confident. Don't like it DONT LOOK! she's healthy and probably happier than she's ever been. Do you mama June," commented a Facebook user, as another wrote, "Congrats to her on getting healthy."

One fan took a stand and chided, "We all talk about bullies and how bullying in schools is wrong, children, young children take their own lives, yet we as adults are bullying this woman the same way."


Another said, "I've never understood how in a time we scream not tearing women down, yet here women are tearing her down in a way that's so cruel. I get it, she makes poor choices, I get pointing that out, because she is in the public eye thanks to People, but why say she's ugly? And tear down her weight loss? Better yet, why WHY tear her down at all?"