Mama June Hospitalized Amid 'Drug Binge,' Intervention

Things took a turn for the dramatic during Friday's dramatic episode of Mama June: From Not To Hot. Star Mama June Shannon was hospitalized during the episode, after losing feeling in her hand.

Clips from the episode, obtained by Daily Mail, showed the 39-year-old sobbing while a member of the production team looked at her limb. In the video, Shannon could be seen clutching her hand to her chest. During the impromptu examination, the WeTV personality was asked by a producer why boyfriend Geno Doak won't speak to her. Shannon went on to explain that her beau, whom she'd been fighting with in a previous episode, believed she wanted to go to the hospital to draw sympathy.

"He's like, I want to go to get sympathy. No, I don't," she insisted in the video. "I don't want to go."

"June, nobody thinks this. None of it matters," the producer, named Moriah, assured her in the Mama June: From Not to Hot clip. "Just make sure you're OK. This is not normal for your hand to be like that. We'll get you checked out. We'll all move on."

After the footage, which was previously unaired, was shown, Shannon's daughters, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon, sat down with Moriah to discuss what happened with Moriah. Pumpkin revealed that her social media accounts had been "blowing up" with fans asking her why Mama June refused to see a doctor and get help.

"I really don't know why," Pumpkin said on the show. "I guess it's because, you know, she's scared of reality."

Moriah revealed during the show that she was the one to "make the call" to temporarily end production and get Mama June the care she desperately needed. She added that it wasn't easy, telling Mama June's daughters she had to have a staffer take her to the hospital because she continued to refuse.

"I had to have a staff member take her to the emergency room because she wasn't going to go because Geno wasn't gonna go, and at this point, we were all really concerned with her," she said.

Footage from the video, published by Daily Mail, showed Mama June at an urgent care facility to be treated. In it, she admitted that it hurt "like hell." She alleged that her back hurt and was full of knots, which caused a shooting pain down her arm. Moriah said on Mama June: From Not to Hot that Mama June's condition appeared, at least to her, to be stress-related.

"She had all these knots in her back right? Which screams stress to me," she said.

"She just keeps piling on more and more and eventually more is gonna run out," Pumpkin added.

Mama June said during the visit she felt like she'd "lost myself." She went on to say that she no longer had the desire to get up and get out of bed.

"I just can't handle life right now," Mama June said. "Because honestly I just don't want to face the world because I'm hating who I am right now."


The episode didn't just focus on Mama June's medical issues. It also covered her subsequent spiral, which resulted in her March 13 arrest. TMZ reported at the time that she and Doak were arrested at an Alabama gas station and charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Mama June's family responded by trying to get her professional help, according to the episode. That will be covered more in-depth during an upcoming episode of the show.