Mama June Gushes Over Boyfriend Geno Doak After Drug Possession Arrest

Despite the domestic dispute and alleged death threat that led to their arrests, it would seem that "Mama June" Shannon is still smitten over boyfriend Geno Doak. Shortly after being arrested for drug possession charges, Mama June was back on Twitter Friday night to live-tweet the Mama June: Not to Hot season 3 premiere.

While not directly referencing her arrest on social media, Shannon did find time to gush and show love for Doak.

"Yes the most outrageous moment is me getting genp [sic] to possibly marry me so we're going to see what happens this season so let's get to watching now," Shannon posted about Doak on Twitter. The post references a moment in the series where Doak got down on one knee and gave her a promise ring. As made clear on the episode, it was not Doak asking Shannon to marry him. Instead, he just didn't want to lose her and said, "we're smack dab in the middle of us."

Shannon didn't address the act on the show but called her boyfriend of three years "sweet" when talking about the moment on Twitter.

"I have to say so very sweet what geno said yeah it is not an engagement but hey if you do a promise then hey I can get another ring out of it LOL."

As stated, Mama June didn't discuss her arrest in the threat, but she started by apologizing to fans for being late to tweeting about the show.

"Hey y'all sorry my internet has been down and where I'm at does not have cable that picks up WeTV but hopefully u r watching my outrageous moments," Shannon posted on Twitter. "Got everything to work now so here I am live tweeting what are you thinking about my most outrageous moments and what is your fav."

Whether this is related to the arrest or not, we don't know. But it should be noted that the couple was seen at a casino together later on Saturday despite a court order for Doak to stay away from Shannon.

Shannon could face jail time stemming from her arrest for crack cocaine possession. The reality star was arrested after a domestic dispute call at an Alabama gas station where Doak allegedly threatened to kill Shannon and admitted to having a needle on him while being taken into custody.

Mama June's family claims that Doak has been a bad influence on her since the pair began dating three years ago. Doak has faced legal trouble in the past, including a stay behind bars and charges of burglary and theft over the years. Despite this, Shannon claims she is happy with him.


"He is my rock and my best friend," Mama June said in an interview People. "I've never been able to enjoy somebody as much as I have him."