'Mama June' Fans Express Concern for Her After Indictment on Federal Drug Charges

"Mama June" Shannon may have to face the music very soon after her indictment on federal drug charges reported on Saturday. According to TMZ, Shannon was indicted by a grand jury on one charge of felony drug possession and a misdemeanor charge for paraphernalia.

The reality star was not present for the indictments and is scheduled to return this month. But many fans are concerned that the star might be circling the drain and almost nearing the end of a downward spiral, desperately in need of help.

"We are going to read one day that she's been found dead if she doesnt seek help," one fan wrote on Twitter. "So sad for her family, that obviously love her."

"She needs help from just about every kind of therapist that exists. I hope she gets the help she needs," another added.

"That sucks for everyone involved... Especially Alana & Pumpkin & her other kids.. But also for June," a third tossed in. "[Crack] is no joke, just don't even try it, tell yourself you'll become Mama June if you do, and have to be in love with [Geno]... That should stop anyone!"

Many are not fans of Shannon's boyfriend, including her family. The pair have grabbed headlines since their arrest in Alabama with possession of crack cocaine and a glass pipe. The initial call to police was over a domestic dispute at a gas station between Doak and Shannon. When law enforcement arrived, Doak admitted to having a pipe in his pocket and police searched the vehicle.

Since then, Shannon and Doak have been the thorn in the reality star's side and continue to sink deeper into strange territory, including destroying the reality stars home and moving into an RV. The couple have been spotted spending time at numerous Alabama casinos and forced Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson to leave home due to their behavior, moving in with "sister mom" Pumpkin.


Pumpkin has since accepted the role and is stepping in for the foreseeable future, saying as much in a birthday message to her sister.

"Happy birthday to my not so little sister. Today you're 14 and I'm so happy I get to spend it with you. Things haven't been the easiest lately but I promise we will get through it," she added. "I love being there for you when you need me most. And I enjoy being your sister mom. I hope today is all you wish for and more [two red heart emojis]"