Watch Mama June Defend Her Romance on 'From Not to Hot'

Mama June sees a happy future with boyfriend Geno Doak, despite older sister Doe Doe's judgement.

In Entertainment Tonight's exclusive clip of Friday's all-new episode of the WE tv series, June "Mama June" Shannon opens up about her relationship with the rarely-seen Doak to sister Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon after big sis expresses concern that the two are getting too serious too fast.

When Doe Doe admires niece Alana's newly-decorated room, which is decked out with a chalkboard wall, mini fridge full of pop and gun machine, Doe Doe wonders if giving a kid unlimited access to that kind of sugar is a great idea.

"I mean he thought it would be cool," June responds. "I mean, God knows it's more than her father's ever done for her."

"I mean that's fantastic; I love it," Doe Doe says, backing down from her initial criticism. "But I'm worried that maybe [Alana is] going to get super attached to him and what happens if it doesn't work? I mean you really haven't known him that long!"

When June tries to defend her whirlwind romance as serious by pointing out that the couple moved in together, Doe Doe uses the opportunity to emphasize how "quickly" the pair have been moving.

"June's always been reckless in her relationships, and I've picked up the pieces before when it's all falling apart," Doe Doe tells the cameras later. "So can we just slow this roll down? I mean, time's gonna tell if Geno's gonna be a good guy or not."

But Mama June isn't willing to concede any negativity about her sparkly new relationship.

"Geno came into our life when we needed someone to say, 'OK, maybe men aren't that bad.' The bulls— with [Alana's father] Sugar Bear," she told Doe Doe, who interrupted to say, "I know!"

June continued, "He's even a great father to Alana."

Doe Doe bristles at giving Doak that title so quickly, however.

"Oh my God," she say, exasperated. "Can we say stepfather so there's never an issue with that, OK?"

"Who cares?" June replies. "I really wish Geno could be her real father."

Later, in a joint interview, Doe Doe reveals her issue with her sister's new beau is that he's so close to her family, "and no one knows who he is, because you won't introduce him!"

"I'm enjoying him," June says playfully.

But Doe Doe is going to have to get used to the way things are, especially with how Mama June sees things going. That is, unless she totally freaks him out with her intensity.

"You're gonna have to be happy for me period, because he's not going anywhere," June tells Doe Doe, unaware that Doak is climbing the stairs of their home and hearing every word she says. "We are happy. I love him, I care about him. He can be the father figure for Alana and Pumpkin, and he's someone that I want to wake up to every day. And he's going to be my husband one day."

It's at this statement that the freaked out-looking Doak stops in his tracks mid-stairway and turns around.

Echoing what appears to be his inner monologue at that moment, Doe Doe responds, "Oh my God, I can't believe you just said husband."

Hopefully her marriage declaration didn't scare him away!


Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.

Photo credit: WE tv