Maci Bookout Bails on 'Naked and Afraid' After Day One

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout's Naked and Afraid appearance ended after only 24 hours.

The MTV cast member was tested on her survival skills in Nicaragua, awkwardly enough introducing herself on the Discovery show's intro as someone who get annoyed with contestants when they "quit way too early."

"They don't give themselves a chance," she said. "The first sign of distress, they tap out, they're done. It's going to suck for sure, but I'm not going to quit."

Upon meeting her partner Justin, whom she was to strip down next to and try to survive in their dangerous surroundings, Bookout admitted the whole situation was a bit "awkward."

She immediately ran into trouble after stepping on some jagged thorns, requiring a piggyback ride from Justin.

"My feet are killing me," she said. "F—ing thorns, they're everywhere. I can't wait to make shoes."

She continued: "I underestimated the pain. My feet feel like they're dying. My feet are coming apart. My feet are going to fall off."

Regardless, she was sure she could make it the full 14 days with Justin. But she couldn't shake the pain in her feet.

"It's definitely hard," the 26-year-old Chattanooga resident said. "Our feet hurt so bad that you can hear the pain every time we take a step. There are thorns on everything. I'm seriously going to cry. It's f—ing hell."

And that was all on day one! At the start of the second day, Bookout admitted, "I've never felt so miserable. Last night was hell. We were on thorns all night. Every piece of wood and leaves had thorns on it. Everything hurts physically and mentally."

She acknowledged she may have underestimated how difficult being on the survival reality show is. "Sitting on your couch watching the show is not the same," she said. "It's really f—ing hard."

Despite Justin's encouragement, Boookout decided to leave after about 24 hours in the wilderness.

"Coming into this, I was 100 percent confident in myself," she said. "You don't feel like you're standing in a f—ing fire because your feet hurt so bad. I'm tapping out of this challenge. It's the best decision for me. I feel like if I stay here any longer, I'm legitimately going to lose my mind. How I was doing mentally was not doing anything good for him, so it's best for me to get out of his way."

During the show, Bookout tweeted about her experience.

"[Naked and Afraid] was the most amazing (and painful) experience," she wrote. "Even though I didnt complete the challenge. I am proud of myself for trying something completely terrifying and out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to see my partner Justin kick a—."

She continued, thanking her fans and giving credit to other contestants on the Discovery show.

"I want to say that anyone that has attempted N&A is a bada— [in] my book, being a fan of the show since the beginning.. I know what they've gone through and all the respect in the world for the survivalists before me. Yall f—in ROCK!" she added.

But she wouldn't change a thing about the experience.


"The entire process of N&A (training/attempting) did change my life," she wrote. "My perspective&outlook is so much healthier than I could have imagined. Thanks to all who watched tonight, I hope you arent too disappointed, but if you are disappointed i hope ur grateful for ur couch&TV 💪🏻🖤"

Photo Credit: MTV