'Love Island' Viewers Sound off on US Version: 'I Miss the Accents'

The American version of Love Island is here, and fans are sounding off. CBS premiered the [...]

The American version of Love Island is here, and fans are sounding off. CBS premiered the adaptation of the beloved British reality series Tuesday, introducing the salacious dating show to viewers. While many fans kept an open mind, a lot weren't able to move past their love for the U.K. version while watching Episode 1.

The show follows paired up 10 single islanders competing and socializing, with the show manipulating the show by swapping out pairs continuously to offer tests and turns, among these twists there will be new contestants who are brought in to wreak havoc on alliances, public votes to send coupled contestants on dates, as well as breakups that make people coexisting in the Fiji resort a tropical nightmare.

Comedian and Vine star Arielle Vandenberg serves as host for the new show. Fans also get to affect the show in real time with the power to vote to make radical changes to the game.

The first episode introduced viewers to islanders Alana Morrison, Alexandra Stewart, Caroline "Caro" Viehweg, Cashel Barnett, Elizabeth Weber, Krya Green, Mallory Santic, Michael Yi, Weston Richie, Yamen Sanders and Zac Mirabelli.

Viewers were commenting from the very beginning on differences between the U.S. and U.K. versions of the show.

After meeting the female islanders, the men were introduced one by one for the first coupling ceremony. Things got awkward quickly when Barnett was the first contestant to come out, and none of the women stepped forward to express their interest.

Since it was his choice, however, he chose Caro in the first pairing of the season.

The ceremony lent for the early favorites of the season in Yamen and Alana, with many viewers also praising the show's diversity.

Love Island will air weeknights at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.