'Love Island USA': Sydney and Isaiah Discuss Villa Drama, Reveal Next Big Step in Their Relationship (Exclusive)

Season 4 of Love Island USA had its fair share of drama. As fans saw, Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell's relationship was at the center of much of that drama. Ultimately, they were able to put it all behind them and left the Villa as boyfriend and girlfriend. While catching up with PopCulture.com after their Love Island USA experience, Sydney and Isaiah not only opened up about some of that very drama but also teased some major plans on the horizon. 

Isaiah and Sydney, who coupled up on Day 1, had one of the strongest connections in the Villa. Although, things hit a snag thanks to Casa Amor, which resulted in Isaiah coupling up with Phoebe Siegel. Soon after he came back to the Villa, Isaiah realized that his heart was set on Sydney. He acknowledged that the Casa Amor experience cemented what he knew all along, that his "feelings very much were still for Sydney."

Still, the situation was a difficult one for both of them to navigate and resulted in a few heartbreaking confrontations. Even so, Sydney wouldn't change anything about the experience, as it led them to each other. "What happened at Casa, whenever I saw him walk in with Phoebe, obviously my heart broke and it was so sad because we were so solid before," Sydney said. "But, I wouldn't change it because I think it prepped us. I feel like it prepped us to go outside of the Villa, I think. And it made me feel better about us knowing that he came back to me."

On the other hand, Isaiah does wish that he handled a few things differently. He explained, "Honestly, I wouldn't take it back, but I would take it back. I'm very contradicting with what I say with certain things like that, just because I wouldn't do it because look how strong we are now." Isaiah went on to mention that "outside pressure" also affected how he handled the situation and that, if he had to do it all over, he probably would not have brought Phoebe back. But, he added, "like I said, I don't have any regrets. I told Phoebe that multiple times. But, I would change it."

The situation may have been hard for the couple to deal with at the time, but they ended up forming an even stronger bond because of it. As for how that bond will translate outside of the Love Island USA experience, Sydney and Isaiah are already planning their next steps as a pair. At the moment, they're planning on navigating a long-distance relationship with frequent travels back and forth already in the works. Considering that they left the Villa fully in love and in a committed relationship, they're even considering moving to be near each other in the near future. 

"Definitely living in the same city is the goal," Sydney said. Isaiah added, "I don't know if I would move to L.A. yet or she would move to Miami. It would depend. We don't really know yet, obviously. See how things go outside the Villa for sure. But, I think right now, we're just going to remain distant for a little bit. Flying isn't too bad."