'Love Island' Contestant Leslie Golden Reveals Reason for Getting Kicked out of Villa

After Love Island USA abruptly announced the departure of contestant Leslie Golden from the villa, fans were immediately curious as to what led to her seemingly overnight exit. Since then, Golden has hinted at what happened, telling her Instagram followers that "what [she] did was a little illegal." Now, she's spilling all the tea.

As seen in screenshots captured from her Instagram Story and published by Screen Rant, Golden admitted that she was kicked off Love Island USA Season 3 for bringing a dab pen — a portable vape system used to smoke weed — into the villa. Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Hawaii, where the season is being filmed, and it is most likely against production guidelines for a contestant to bring a dab pen onto the set.

"So I actually brought it into my glasses case and carried it around. And the bad thing is, people would pick it up all the time. And I would just be like, 'Please don't look at that!'" Golden said in a video on her Instagram Story.

Previously, Golden told fans asking for details that she left the villa for "personal reasons" and insists that it was "completely unrelated to the drama" on the show and that she does not have beef with any of the islanders. When asked by one of her followers if she was "kicked out for doing porn," she said fans are "reaching and it's not even that serious." Later, she said, "I would love to say it. I think it's hilarious. I think it's a really dumb reason. Again, very on-brand for me. However, what I did was a little illegal."

With Season 3 injecting plenty of new blood into the game, things are steamier and tenser than ever, with host Arielle Vandenberg telling PopCulture.com last month that drama was about to ensue. "Think about it. Every season, they watch. They're going to bring their best, whatever that is for them," she said. "They're going to bring their personalities, they're going to bring the drama and what's so fun is, this is really them. They're not playing characters. They're so themselves, and it's so fun to just see an unfiltered version of someone living 24 hours a day — it's so fun. I know there will just be just as much drama, if not more and the sexiness continues."


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