'Love Island USA' Season 3 Contestant Reveals Reason for Abruptly Leaving

Love Island USA Season 3 contestant Leslie Golden has revealed her reason for abruptly leaving the reality series. Over on Instagram, Golden responded to a fan question about why she was no longer on the show. Replying through an Instagram Stories post, Golden explained that she left for "personal reasons."

Someone else questioned whether or not the exit was related to issues she previously had with a fellow contestant, Shannon St. Claire. Golden pushed back against this speculation and stated that her "drama" with St. Claire had nothing to do with her exit. "No no no, completely unrelated to the drama I swear!" she exclaimed. "I know how it seems but I have no beef with anyone there [shrug emoji]."

Fans of the show have been chatting on social media about Golden's exit, which one Love Island watcher tweeting, "Anyone wondering about Leslie, she said on her [Instagram] that she left for personal reasons. She's also answering questions about Love Island on her [Instagram] story." Someone else added, "So they're just gonna get rid of Leslie and pretend we didn't notice?"

Season 3 of Love Island has been quite intense, and when host Arielle Vandenberg spoke with PopCulture.com back in July she teased that the show would be pretty "hot" and "steamy" this time around. "Expect hot sweaty singles per ushe, lots of fun, new challenges," she said. "If you had your favorite challenges last year, those will be back but we also have a couple of fun, new, exciting ones."

Notably, fans can get some extra Love Island content of the new season over on Paramount+, and anyone interested in checking it out can get a free trial subscription right now. "Extra steam for you guys coming in hot. I'm excited that we actually have another platform that we can show other, steamier content," Vandenberg said, then joking that she'd even watch the contestants sleep if it was an option. "No, I'm kidding. Am I?"


Speaking about the location for the new season, Vandenberg said, "It's so beautiful here. I genuinely wake up so happy knowing that the ocean is right there. There's something so special and so magical." She added, "It's so healing […] All of a sudden I feel so good. It's beautiful. It's perfect. I'm having the time of my life." Love Island Season 3 regularly airs on CBS Tuesdays through Fridays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.