'Love Island': Roxy Weighs in on Isaiah Drama, Reveals Surprising Islander She Had Connection With (Exclusive)

Love Island surprised viewers and the Islanders themselves, with a double dumping on Friday night. After the recoupling, Roxy Ahmad and Lei-Yen Rapp were dumped from Love Island. Following their time on the island, PopCulture.com got to chat with the two bombshells about their time in the Villa. During the discussion, Roxy opened up about her connection with Isaiah Harmison, who has found himself in his fair share of drama lately. But, she also shared a couple of the Islanders that she formed close connections with that viewers may not have detected.

Roxy soon formed a close connection with Isaiah upon entering the Villa. Although, Isaiah has also been chatting with a few of the other women in the Villa, including Cashay Proudfoot and Aimee Flores. In the end, Isaiah chose Cashay at the most recent re-coupling (and Jeremy Hershberg coupled up with Aimee), which left Roxy single and caused her to be dumped from Love Island. What does Roxy think about Isaiah now? And who does she think he'll end up with?

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"I mean, you know, Isaiah is a lovely person and he was one of the people that I did connect with right off the bat," Roxy explained. "And I felt comfortable talking to, which was a big thing for me because I didn't find that with a lot of the guys at first. So, he was the first guy that I really opened up to." Prior to her departure from Love Island, many of the women realized that Isaiah was saying similar things to all of them about their respective connections. Roxy noted that hearing this took her "by surprise" and that she was a bit "hurt."

However, she added, "at the same time, I can't really blame him because he's in a situation where he's the only single guy there really. We didn't really get enough time to really get to know each other on a deeper level. And I felt like with the other girls, they'd been there longer than me, so he of course did establish a connection with them."

Of course, fans got to see all of the relationship drama between Roxy, Isaiah, and the other Islanders play out on the show. But, what viewers didn't see is that she actually bonded with a different member of the cast — Josh Goldstein, who is currently coupled up with Shannon St. Clair. Roxy shared that she didn't necessarily want to get to know Josh going into the Villa, as he reminds her of other guys that she's dated in the past. She realized that they actually have a lot in common once she did chat with him.

"But, as soon as I spoke to him [Josh], he, we had a lot in common and he surprised me so much with his personality," she said. "He was just so sweet and he always made an effort to like talk to me and make me feel welcome. So, I think he's definitely one of the people that I would have gotten to know more." Even though she left the Villa earlier than she would have liked, Roxy said that she's still so grateful for the opportunity to join the Love Island family.

"It's going in there, like one of my biggest regrets was not opening up right off the bat, but it was really hard too," Roxy said. "I don't think that would have changed much, but you know, after everything, I still am so thankful for the experience and everything. And I got to meet people that I would've never been able to meet. So I don't regret any of it. Really."


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