'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Stars Danielle and Nick's Divorce Just Got Messier

The divorce between Love Is Blind exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson is getting messier. The Season 2 stars may have appeared amicable during the After the Altar special for the Netflix reality series, but in August, Ruhl filed for divorce. In the subsequent months, things have gotten uglier between the two former spouses, and Wednesday morning, Danielle wrote in a cryptic social media post that she would "no longer be controlled."

Ruhl continued by claiming that her ex was "taking extreme measures to take [her] down" in the since-deleted post captured by fans on social media. She also alleged that Thompson "had intended to go on another reality show and blames [her] for potentially being unable to." Ruhl then claimed her ex's team had been threatening her: "I have been warned by his team that this could get messy and certain things of mine will be at stake or taken if I even block him on social media," she wrote. "He is proactively going to outlets to make false statements."

Ruhl wrote that Thompson blames her for their divorce, but she filed because she knew it was in her "best interest." She continued that Thompson allegedly had ambitions of getting a "director deal," which he had been working towards "the entire time," and teased that she would say more "when this comes to fruition." She concluded, "I hope it's never got to this point. But if anyone had the full context they would understand," adding in the caption, "The worst is happening behind the scenes."

Tuesday, Ruhl had told E! News that Thompson had taken "no accountability" in their split. "I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it takes two, but unfortunately, with every interview, he is putting all of the blame on me and this isn't new," she said. "This was something he did the entire relationship." Thompson then responded with a statement to PEOPLE, calling his ex's comments "hurtful," "false" and "defamatory."


"As I have stated before, I implemented a boundary to not engage in communication with Danielle for my own mental health because I did not feel like our communication was trustworthy or yielding positive outcomes," he said. "In good conscience, I will not share private matters or my experience in our relationship publicly because it's not in my character to disparage people. I am and have been ready to stop living in the past and move forward."