'Love After Lockup': Kevin and Tiffany Consider Adding a Third to Their Relationship in Exclusive Finale Sneak Peek

Love After Lockup stars Kevin and Tiffany are looking at an alternative arrangement as they fight to make their relationship work amid the ups and downs of her release from prison. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Friday's season finale of the WE tv show, Kevin and Tiffany discuss possibly bringing in another woman to their relationship. 

When it comes to Kevin's seeing other women while she was in prison, Tiffany admits she figured he would be out in the "real world" doing whatever he was doing, but that she expected it to be "cut off" by the time she was released so they could be together. "I tried and I did, but then you started treating me differently," Kevin tells her, saying that he expected "a whole lot more communication" while she stayed at the halfway house. 

"You ignored me, treated me like a sucker," he continues, "and then had some dude on your release date that I had to beat up down there." Tiffany explains that while she and Kevin built this "great relationship" talking the whole time she was in prison, she was "scared" to commit to him when she got out. "Like, I have trust issues," she shares. "At the end of the day, I don't wanna get my heart broken."

Kevin says that for his part, he's always had trouble dating multiple women at once. "So that's been the problem with a lot of relationships I've had," he tells Tiffany. When she asks if that would be something he's willing to leave in the past, Kevin offers an interesting proposition. "In my mind, you know, when you've been locked up, you've told me you've had girlfriends," he says. "You dated women outside and inside, and I don't know. Maybe we can figure something out and find somebody you like or somebody we both like or something, I dunno."


Tiffany takes this suggestion well, telling Kevin it's definitely something she'd be willing to explore with him. "I do know that I'm not willing to let you go and lose you," she tells him, adding to the camera later, "I have never personally tried anything like this before. I think that we both might enjoy it a little bit. I mean I know he's definitely going to love it because he gets more than one girl." Love After Lockup's season finale airs Friday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.