‘Little Women: L.A.’ Personality Terra Jole Attacks Elena Gant Over 'Fake' Friendship

Can Terra Jolé and Elena Gant repair their friendship? The season premiere of Little Women: LA [...]

Can Terra Jolé and Elena Gant repair their friendship? The season premiere of Little Women: LA makes it seem like they could be done for good.

After the drama of last season, Gant extended an olive branch by inviting Jolé to her birthday party in Las Vegas prior to the season start, but said she told her estranged bestie that she wouldn't be filming her for her YouTube channel while there.

Shocked and offended, Jolé almost didn't attend the party, but put the social media feud aside and ended up having a great time with Gant and the other ladies. But after a video of 3-year-old daughter Penelope taking her first steps with the help of a walker went viral on the vlogging network, Jolé was invited to do a cooking segment on Gant's channel.

Gant defended the move as one to repair their relationship, but Jolé suspected there might be a more selfish motive behind the invite.

"Is Elena using my friendship?" she asked. "It's a question that I ask myself regularly. I really am trying to understand why our relationship can drastically change from one night to another."

Her husband, Joe Gnoffo, had an answer for her. "Totally fake," he said of their relationship. "Just for vlogs and totally fabricated."

But when the two women finally confront the issue, their ideas of not making a scene fly out the window.

"I just feel like there's an elephant in the room," Gant says, pulling Jolé aside. "Like where are we standing now?"

She continued, saying she was trying to reach out to her with the Vegas invite, and that she feels rejected.

"The whole idea behind me inviting you here was because I made a step toward out friendship and you could care less about it," Gant said.

When Jolé pointed out she bought a number of bottles at the club for her friend on that trip, Gant clapped back.

"Who drank the majority of those bottles? You did!" Gant yelled.

Jolé clapped back in her confessional, saying, "Apparently I'm not a good enough friend to have on your vlog, but good enough to pick up the tab."

"All I know is I would be glad if we don't ever have, like, being friends again," Gant shouted to a shocked Jolé, before the two separated for the good of the party.

Will these two fans be able to put their differences aside? Fans will see later this season.

Also on this season of the Lifetime show, Jolé has teased that fans will find out the results of 19-month-old son Grayson's dwarfism tests.

Jolé and her husband of two years, Gnoffo, have different forms of dwarfism — she has achondroplasia and Gnoffo has pseudoachondroplasia. Daughter Penelope, 3, has achondroplasia.

Little Women: L.A. airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Photo credit: Instagram/Terra Jole