Exclusive 'Little Women: LA' Sneak Peek: Terra Jole Doubles Down on Controversial 'Black Girl Moscato'

Terra Jolé may have taken her latest business venture too far.

After announcing she was part of a business venture to create moscato targeted at the black community earlier this season, the Little Women: LA personality faced a fair amount of criticism from friend Tonya Banks, who found the wine name offensive.

In an exclusive clip of the Wednesday, April 25, episode of the Lifetime series, Jolé appears to be forging full force ahead with the business idea regardless of her friend's objections, but she could be on the verge of a lot bigger blowback thank the silent treatment from Banks.

In the sneak peek, Jolé is presenting the idea of her wine to a group of mostly black women who are serving as part of a focus group.

"We are focusing that moscato in the African American community," Jolé says to a group of women looking skeptically on. "We know that moscato is a preferred wine in that community."

The room seems cold to the idea already, but Jolé hasn't even broke out the brand name news.

"My partner and I are looking at creating a tongue-in-cheek, very outside-of-the-box name, and we are thinking of Black Girl Moscato," she says, at which point one member of the focus group's mouth drops open.

"Black Girl Moscato?" another asks before the clip ends.

Is Jolé's wine line over before it even gets off the ground? Will she be able to repair her friendship with Banks?

Last month, Jolé told PopCulture exclusively that she and Banks still haven't repaired their friendship after the events of this season.

"You will see our relationship probably go through the most turmoil over any other relationship on the show," she told PopCulture. "I feel like considering how close Tonya and I were at one point, we to this day are still struggling to find where we are in each other's lives."


"There's a way to look at what's about to happen in these next few weeks, and at the end of the day I love Tonya and I want us to have a relationship. She's my sister and I totally, truly feel that way," she continued.

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