'Little People, Big World': Zach Roloff's Son Jackson Attends First Day of Pre-K

Tori and Zach Roloff are celebrating a bittersweet milestone after their 3-year-old son Jackson attended his first day ever of school. The Little People, Big World parents, who also share 1-year-old daughter Lilah, shared a sweet Instagram photo from right before Jackson headed off on his pre-K adventure, in which the toddler beams while holding a sign proudly proclaiming his age, the date and his dream profession of becoming a pilot.

"It’s fine. I’m fine," Tori began her caption. "My sweet baby J had his first day of school today! He’s been asking for so long to go to school and he finally got to go today! My mama heart was bursting with pride watching him [march] in like he owned the place." While some kids struggle with the adjustment of going to school, Tori revealed she got only a hug and a kiss before Jackson said, "Peace mom!" and strolled into class. "I love this kid so stinking much!!" she concluded. "So proud of you Jackson!"

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People who have been following the Roloffs for years couldn't believe how big Jackson is getting. "Oh my gosh ! Where has the [time] gone? Thank you for sharing ~ love watching your kiddos grow and THRIVE!" one person commented, as another wrote, "OMG he looks like a little boy! I’m crying happy tears for you all but man time is a thief!!!" A third chimed in that Jackson looks like "such a big boy" and "so proud" of himself in the photo.

Just last week, Tori praised her son for being such an adventurous child while on an RV trip with the family. Recalling for her Instagram followers an instance in which she called for him to get back inside the mobile home, she shared her oldest responded simply, "Mom, dada I want to keep adventuring!" The mother of two gushed, "I love this kid’s sense of adventure and his willingness to get wet and dirty and not complain once!"


The family made the best of Valentine's Day this year as well, helping the kids prepare and deliver valentines to some of their favorite people before making their way to Vancouver to enjoy the snowfall with some snowmen. "It’s been such a fun year with Jackson as he’s learning to write his name and got so excited to deliver valentines on his own," the TLC star shared at the time. It was a far better holiday than last year's when Lilah was "so sick" and her parents were hoping she hadn't developed hydrocephalus.

Fans of the Roloff's reality show recall she was ultimately diagnosed with influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, but Tori shared at the time she was "hypersensitive" when it comes to her kids' health because their dwarfism can make illnesses more serious for them.