'Little People, Big World': Zach and Tori Roloff Tell Amy Roloff About Change in Christmas Plans

Little People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff had a pretty big change in plans for the 2021 Christmas season. Entertainment Tonight shared an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World in which Tori and Zach tell Amy Roloff that they're going to do their own thing for Christmas. But, the news didn't exactly sit well with Amy. 

In the sneak peek, Amy asks her son and daughter-in-law whether they want to get together during Christmas week. But, Tori and Zach reveal that they planned on spending Christmas on their own with their children. Tori added, "Like Christmas Day, if we all want to do something Christmas Day, that's cool." Zach opened up about the situation in a confessional and said that the couple simply want to do things their own way for the holidays and that they want to forge a new path.

"Leading up to Christmas we get together a lot at my mom's or whatever," he said. "But this year, probably not. You know, we're going to stay up here. We might see her Christmas Day, but Tori and me really want to set aside time where we're just up here, doing our own family traditions." He went on to say that their son, Jackson, was still recovering from leg surgery, which would make getting together all the more difficult. Additionally, the couple and their kids moved into a new house, with Zach saying that they want to make sure that they're "enjoying" their "new place."

Tori continued to address the situation with Amy, telling her that they're "pretty booked solid" in the lead-up to Christmas between doctor's appointments and other engagements. However, Amy was visibly upset by the revelation, as she told the pair, "And you don't even include Grandma." In her own confessional, Amy shared her unfiltered thoughts about Tori and Zach's confession.

"They just want to be pretty much by themselves," she said. "I can understand that, to some degree. I mean, there's a lot going on, but I was kind of bummed. I was kind of sad that the excitement wasn't there." Just like Amy said, there is certainly a lot going on with the Roloff family at the moment. The most pressing matter concerns the feud between Zach and Matt Roloff regarding the sale of Roloff Farms, which appears to still be a big issue for the family.