Amy Roloff Calls Family Farm a 'Sad Situation' After Ex-Husband Matt's Sale Decision

Amy Roloff gives an emotional farewell to the Roloff family farm in the wake of ex-husband Matt Roloff's decision to sell, noting that the next pumpkin season is the last. The Little People, Big World star spoke with Lisa Dixon in a recent episode of her Little Kitchen channel, explaining that the farm sale is highly emotional for her.

"It's just a very sad situation, in my opinion, because this is personal to me," Roloff shares in the video. "The business was part of our personal life so it will never just be business. You can't treat those that are directly a part of your family, and assume- because it's business- [they're] like any other vendor. I'm not like any other vendor. My boys aren't like any other vendor. These are your boys!"

She continued, discussing the drama surrounding the children and ownership of the farm. Matt Roloff stirred some drama with his post announcing the partial sale of the farm, seemingly blaming his sons for having to sell the property at all. The post prompted a stern reply by Zach Roloff in the comments of the post, something Amy Roloff couldn't gloss over on the YouTube show.

"No one assumed [they'd] get anything for free, or less-than...I think they all knew that Dad deserves something," Roloff noted. "Everything comes at a cost, and this has come at a big cost. But we will always all see it differently and that's the unfortunate thing. But I feel for my boys. Something that they were brought up with didn't happen in the way we thought it would."

On top of all this, Matt Roloff still owes his ex-wife a lot of money for buying out her part of the farm after their divorce. He noted this in his post, and she mentioned herself, confirming she is no longer a part owner but still is owed a ton of cash.

Roloff also expressed concern over the farm's future and what will happen if a stranger purchases what the family has established. "So if it gets sold to some total stranger, that will be kind of weird," Roloff said. "I've always said that [Matt] may have built a lot of stuff and had the creative ideas but the farm was the family's. We all had elements of the farm, and what it is today is definitely a part of all of us."

Matt Roloff placed the farm up for sale on May 12, breaking the news directly himself and revealing the hefty $4 million price tag. "It's a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting ... it's time to move toward the next season of life," Roloff wrote.