'Little People, Big World' Star Zach Roloff Jokes His Divorced Parents 'Probably' Won't Go on Double Dates

Matt and Amy Roloff are "getting along fine" after their tense 2016 divorce, but the Little People, Big World exes aren't exactly ready to double date, son Zach Roloff told Us Weekly Monday. Amy and Matt had a difficult year trying to figure out how they would manage their joint ownership of the family farm during the last season of the TLC reality show, but with Amy's decision to move off the land and into her and fiancé Chris Marek's new home, things are changing in the Roloff family.

"They're getting along fine," Zach told the outlet of his parents' relationship. "They're just trying to figure out the farm deal. My mom's transitioning off and everything, and you'll see that in the upcoming season. It's an ongoing discussion for them, but I think they're dealing with it as best they can, being a divorced couple but also business partners still … It's not like they can't be in the same room together."

That being said, he joked they will "probably not" be going on any double dates just yet with Marek and Matt's longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler, with whom he first announced his relationship in 2017. That being said, the four have managed to come together to be a support system for Zach and his wife Tori, who share 2-year-old son, Jackson, and 4-month-old daughter, Lilah, as well as son Jeremy and his wife Audrey, who welcomed daughter Ember in September 2017 and son Bode in January.

Being involved in their grandchildren's life has definitely provided a broader perspective for Matt and Amy as far as their own relationship goes. "There's a bigger goal in mind now with the grandbabies," Zach explained. "Everyone wants to set up a positive environment for them, so everyone gets along as what they need to."


As for Marek, Zach had nothing but good things to say about his soon-to-be stepfather. "She has a companion that she will be with for probably the rest of her life. Chris is a great guy. We play board games together all the time and we just see eye to eye on a lot of things."