'Little People, Big World' Star Tori Roloff Reveals Cosmetic Surgery Debate

After having three kids, Tori Roloff reveals the procedure she thought about having.

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has revealed that she's considered undergoing cosmetic surgery following pregnancy rumors. She revealed that she and her husband, Zach Roloff, "don't want any more kids," adding that she has had "three C-sections and a miscarriage." The couple married in 2015 and have three children: Jackson, 6, Lilah, 3, and Josiah, 16 months. "My body has been through so much," the TLC personality said in her Instagram Stories on Aug. 8 via In Touch Weekly. "I thought about doing a tummy tuck or doing something because I have a belly. But at the time same, I'm like, 'God gave me three beautiful children and he gave me this life that I'm so proud of. And I'm so proud of my body being able to carry three babies to full term and be cut open three times. And I can still run around."

According to Tori, she is "in awe" of her body and doesn't feel "ashamed," but admits she is "tired of being asked if she's pregnant." While she knows most of the speculation about her health is not malicious, she said the rumors have gotten out of hand. "I know you guys mean well, but you have no idea how damaging that can be to a woman who can't have more who maybe wants more," she continued. In addition to stating that she does not want any more children, Tori added, "You shouldn't ask women that or like assume that women are pregnant." After completing the series of videos, the TV personality stated that she would enjoy dessert because "life is about balance."

Her comments on the pregnancy speculation came four days after she responded to commenters who criticized her for allowing Josiah to climb the ladder of his bunk bed by revealing that she was pregnant. Taking to Instagram Stories, she had revealed that her youngest son climbed the steps of his older brother's bunkbed without her assistance. "You're telling me: you can climb a ladder and write while balancing on the ladder … but you can't walk?" the mother of three captioned the photo. "He's holding out." Tori took to her Instagram stories to respond to fans' concerns after they flooded her DMs. "I don't know why it still takes me by surprise with how many "perfect parents" there are on Instagram," she said. "Because the amount of people coming for letting my one-year-old climb a ladder is substantial. Do y'all just put your kids in a box or like in bubble wrap at all times and never let them do anything?" "Because that's what it seems like," Tori said, adding that people should "calm down." Later, she concluded, "I just appreciate all the tips that you guys leave for me in my DMs."