'Little People, Big World' Season 14 Trailer Reveals Family Drama to Come

A new trailer for the new season of Little People, Big World reveals that there is much drama in store for the Roloffs.

The family matriarch, Amy Roloff, struggles with the decision of whether or not to sell the family farm that the show has been centered around, Roloff Farm.

"Amy decided that now she wants to decide where I live," Amy's ex-husband, Matt Roloff, who still lives in a home on the farm, said in a confessional.

"Are you leaning toward the buy-out?" he asked Amy.

"I'm not doing this to screw you," she explained.

"Her future might not be on this farm," son Zach Roloff, 28, said.

"If I took the buyout, most likely I would never step foot on this piece of property ever again," Amy said in a confessional. "I kind of need to be prepared for anything."

The trailer also shows Amy and Matt's separate budding romances, Amy with boyfriend Chris Marek and Matt with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

"This year out of any other year, everything has changed," Amy said in the trailer while footage rolled of her and Chris on a motorcycle in the mountains. "Chris makes me see life in a whole different way."

Meanwhile, "Caryn and I are really creating our own path and I can't let that farm hold us back," Matt said, hinting at the issues about the farm he has with Amy.

"You know what I like about this?" he asked Caryn about decorating their home. "We can do it any way we want."

"Except it's not gonna look like the farm," she joked.

The season 14 premiere of Little People, Big World on Tuesday night saw Amy and Matt argue more about the future of the farm.

"Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm," Matt told the camera. "One of my frustrations is, you know, she's reluctant to make decisions often."

"I'm just confused [why] this whole major decision is on me," Amy told Matt, complaining to the cameras why it should be her decision to make the first move on a sale.

"I just want to see motion. It doesn't have to be one big wrestling match, it can be done..." Matt told Amy, with tensions rising after he reminded her that he could just sell his half of the property and let her know in a letter, in accordance with their divorce settlement.

"I don't think it's going to be easy because I don't think he's going to like whatever I do," Amy admitted to the cameras as she was seen walking away from Matt at the end of the argument.

Season 14 will also follow along with Zach's serious health issues, which were teased in the new trailer.

Zach said he was experiencing severe back pain, and a doctor told him it could potentially "lead to paralysis."

"I've been having a lot of pain in my back," Zach said in the video after his wife, Tori Roloff, warned him from carrying their son, Jackson, down the stairs, a task he isn't supposed to do.

"If there's compression of the spinal cord, then that could lead to paralysis," the doctor informed him.


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: Facebook / Little People, Big World