'Little People, Big World': Matt Roloff Says He's 'Held Hostage' Over Farm Situation With Ex Amy

Matt Roloff is feeling "held hostage" by ex-wife Amy Roloff's inability to make a decision when it comes to the future of the family farm.

During Tuesday's all-new episode of Little People, Big World, the former couple continued to spar over what to do with the farm they both own and live on, despite the awkwardness of trying to move on romantically when still living within a few hundred feet of one another.

Matt's idea has been to split the farm in two, then allow both people to do as they want with the property, but Amy has been unsure about dissolving Roloff Family Farm and the memories that come with it.

"Probably the most logical option at this point is that I would keep this side where the [double-wide trailer] is, she would keep that side with her big house," he told girlfriend Caryn Chandler earlier this season. "Put that in her name, that way I would be able to dissolve the property LLC, because we wouldn't need it. And then we would just co-own the little farm and manage the Roloff Family Farm's business, and that's the most simplest way that she can keep her life exactly the way it is."

But when pressed more about making a decision in Tuesday's episode, Amy bristled, telling her ex she simply wasn't sure why he was all of the sudden ready to change his mind about the part of the farm he was interested in.

"I can make my plan work," he told her, with Amy firing back, "No you can't!"

"She's being a little bit, in my mind, selfish right now," Matt told the camera, before snapping back at Amy, "I just don't want to be held hostage anymore to your indecisiveness."

The tension between the two has been building for a while, with Matt telling Chandler his "patience is getting kind of thin" with Amy from the start. It's even been affecting their adult son Zach Roloff, who has been staying out of the situation altogether for his own health.

"The farm has drama attached to it, and my mom and dad are drama," he told the camera earlier this season. "I've learned that as I get older, it can be very emotionally draining to get wrapped up in their roller coaster."

"I don't wanna get caught in the middle of it," he shrugged. "It's their deal."


Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC