'Little People, Big World' Alum Jacob Roloff Claims He's 'Very Happy' About Leaving Show

Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff has no regrets when it comes to leaving the show, he told fans on Instagram Thursday.

Roloff, 22, has been on a trip to Chile this week, and told fans to check out his latest blog post on Thursday. In the post, Roloff shared a December 2018 paper he wrote for a philosophy class about his experiences as a child reality star. One of his fans praised Roloff's writing and noted how other reality television child stars have regretted being on TV at a young age.

"Very interesting paper... I'm said that this has affected you so much," the fan wrote. "It must have been traumatic for a six-year-old, and maybe some reality kids can be sensitive to having a production company in their lives. One of the Osborne daughters made her own decision not to be involved, and she is never even spoken about!"

The fan continued, "Maybe you would have made this decision if you were older. I'm not going to lie, I'm a big fan of reality TV and I have been following 'your' show and the Duggar's since the beginning but I didn't realize the impact until you spoke out."

Roloff thanked the fan, and later added he has no regrets about deciding to not appear on Little People, Big World after he turned 18.

"Thank you for the sentiment," Roloff replied, notes In Touch Weekly. "I actually did decide not to appear on the show after my 18th birthday, and am very happy about the decision."

Later, another fan said she could "detect some very unresolved anger issues hidden just below the surface" and suggested he get "therapy or counselling."

"In the paper? One key point in it is the bizarrely open access that people have had to my life, and thus are able to make judgements and have opinions on that life," Roloff replied. "As stated in the paper I accept this as my reality, but in the same breathe it is easy to admit the strangeness of my having 241,000 followers at all, and contemplating the effect that might have on a child."

Roloff, who is engaged to Isabel Rock, has not appeared on the TLC series since 2016 because he disagreed with how the show was made. However, he is still close to his parents and siblings, appearing in Instagram photos with them.

His sister Molly Roloff also no longer appears on the show. Jeremy Roloff and his wife Audrey also announced they were leaving too in July 2018.


Little People, Big World Season 14 debuts on TLC Tuesday, April 2.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jacob Roloff